Tuesday, March 3

Honesty and the GOP...

As the late George Carlin would say, that's kinda like "military" and "intelligence."

As I pointed out at another better blog, there is an easy fix for any Republican who doesn't like the whole Rush Limbaugh leadership meme:

"I won't contradict Rush Limbaugh directly by name because people who do that have their phone lines jammed for three days, six hundred calls an hour, and I have neither the staff nor the stomach for that kind of attention. My constituents are my primary concern and responsibility, not the members of an admittedly devoted national radio audience."

Then of course, you'll have to turn off your phone for three days. Really.

How hard was that? Well, you would have to be honest to say that. Nevermind.

Gawd. I'm underpaid, and I wouldn't take money to make them look good anyway.


  1. Asshats have a unique ability to be dishonestly honest. 180° from their rhetoric is truth. When they say something is bad it is good and vice versa.

    I take heart in that these days. Since they are, even moreso than usual, so sure the president's course of action is wrong. Ipso facto; It must be correct.

    Don't take my word for it, try it for yourself. It's 100% effective.

  2. thanks for giving talking points to politicians who can't figure it out for themselves.

  3. I agree with anything that starts with the word asshats.

  4. After having lived with cats for a number of years, I finally understand this problem. The problem is that cats, like these people, are relentlessly single minded. They don't have anything else (meaningful) to do except whatever is on their minds at the moment. You'll be there reading a book, or trying to make sense, and the cat, or Dittohead, will want to sit on your lap, or call you up to complain about your patriotism. The creature in question will never give up, because it's the only thing that creature has on its mind until it's satisfied. That's why they almost inevitably end up sitting on your lap, or turning your party into somthing only an ignorant bigot would love.

  5. it would be funny if it were not so serious.

  6. I'm with Sherry.

    This is almost like watching a sporting event or made for tv movie, until you realize, "Hey! This is real life! This has actual consequences!"

    And then I get all sad and want to hide under my bed. Again.


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