Wednesday, March 4

Comment of the year so far

Over at that Facebook group I mentioned earlier:

I dare each one of you who calls themelves "pro-sex" feminists to watch mainstream EURO or US porno for 3 + hours straight without feeling a little sick, angry, a little ruined self-esteem here and there... I also need an explanation from "pro-sex" feminists why most of them are into "alternative" pornograghy... are you blind or in denial? or insulting my intelligence?

I promise you, I have never watched porno for 3 + hours straight. Twelve minutes, tops, usually does it for me. And no I'm not blind. That whole "until I needed glasses" joke works here.

More importantly, I've never needed to question or even examine the sex lives or proclivities of any other consenting adult* in order to inform my feminism.

*And just to be clear, "consenting adult" excludes rape victims and children. Duh.

And I do think adult women can consent to all kinds of things that I would not find pleasurable. I mean, three different women married Rush Limbaugh. Nuff said.


  1. No doubt about it, RushBo has become the new whipping-boy* designate for the shrill and vituperative of Greater Left BlogSylvania. But then, it's hard not to mention his name in any discussion of pornography and things that most people would not find pleasurable.

    * - warning: could induce distasteful pornographic images. Fight it.

  2. My first experience watching porn sickened me.

    I've known ex-hookers and ex-strippers. One of them is dead. The others make take years for their souls to recover.

  3. Like drugs, keeping sex for pay illegal makes it easy for criminals to victimize women and gays. Legalize prostitution and then regulate the hell out of it because "legalize" is just another word for exploitation unless you have some checks in place.

  4. And I know an ex-stripper who retired and is now a happily married mother. Not all sex workers are victims. I'm sorry for those who are. And nunya whatever you were watching wasn't for you. No foul in saying so: I know I for one could never bring myself to watch "ET: The Extra Terrestrial", even though lots of people think it's great, the previews made me wanna barf.

  5. One of the best lines I heard a feminist friend say was "sometimes I wish the guy had paid me ..."


  6. Three hours?

    Twelve minutes?

    I am already drinking a beer and the little joy joy moment is a faint memory.

    It has to be good though, Republican porn gets turned off as soon as I see it.

    To each their own, but if ya have some good shit, ya better share.

    Then again, I am getting old and I don't want to strain myself unnecessarily.

  7. Just commenting on what I know. No harm, no foul. I believe what you say also.

  8. twelve minutes? gee. i can usually get off in about ten.

  9. Anyone who willingly takes part in the porn industry to make money, fine; that's their personal business.

    Anyone who chooses to use words or pictures to slake their sex drive, fine; that's their personal business.

    Anyone who violates the moral and ethical law(s) of life by exploiting or abusing others to make porn to make money should be paying for it at an agricultural work farm prison. . . where they can also choose to purchase words or pictures to slake their sex drive.

  10. The Significant Other wants me to point out she's done plenty of stuff she both consented to and didn't find particularly pleasurable, so didn't bother trying again. That's because she's tried a staggering number of things, but the point is there's a third option there!


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