Friday, March 6

Yes, it's too nice to blog, but...

Blogmother sez: you can use the nice weather as an excuse in seven weeks or so. And even if today feels like May, it doesn't count. Blog first, lie in the grass later. By the way, that grass you think you see is actually mud. But I'm going outside anyway.

Happy Birthday, Glenn Greenwald. I wrapped up three links for you: [Twitter, Facebook, Blog].

Michelle Bachmann
no longer makes me miss Katherine Harris. Katherine would never be able to, ahem, "articulate" the terror that probable Democratic success exacts in Republicans.

Shorter Bachmann: Americans liked it when FDR gave them Social Security, and LBJ gave them more Social Security. And now with Obama, it's like, omigod, MORE Social Security and helping working people stuff! And we'll have to run against that? We'll never win elections after that!

PS Michelle, if you're a Republican, then likening Democratic policies to evolution is really really a bad idea. It reminds people of the chimperor we don't want to go back to. Ever. It also makes us look, oh, I dunno, pro-progress, and you not.

Anyone think she's a Comedy Central plant? If so, she's worth every single frakin' dime.


  1. Anonymous2:46 PM

    BLUE GAL!!

  2. Anonymous7:42 AM

    I too am running outside today, rain is forecast for the next 5 days.

    Ms. Bachmann is the embarrassment that keeps on giving. At some point he mouth will overwhelm her supporters and she will be just an embarrassment to her family.


  3. Rush (Limbaugh) Limburger is Archie Bunkers resurrected idiocy remake joke for conservative hick bigotry entertainment. View how he is the sabotage of the Republican party. The uneducated, the pinko-commy accuser, the misinformed, Rush Limburger- son of Archie Bunker, *Boss* Hog of the GOP. Death of the Conservatives. See the remake at


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