Friday, March 27

Dear IRS: It's in the mail.

The good news is, I don't owe a cent, and will get some back. That's how you want your taxes.

But it was a fascinating exercise from a historian's standpoint. I'm a little astonished at how much my life has changed in the past year, and how it took sitting down for two hours with paperwork to make that register. Divorced, bought a house, moved out of state, changed my family structure...and the IRS had a line-item for each one of those, at least.

I can see a historian/archeologist saying to his work-study undergraduates: "see if you can find the tax records." That and funeral records and you'll really get to know the folks and what they valued.


I emailed the fellow bloggers on this, but wanted my readers to know as well.

Dr. Zaius wrote me this am, and I'm passing it along as a favor to him, because I love that simian.

"The reason that I write is that I am intrigued by a contest that Bubs has posted on his blog. His daughter, Nora O'Sullivan, is hoping to win Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors Spooksmodel Contest. The contest is judged by online voting."

BG here: Nora is the only contestant dressed like a nurse. Also, she had the good taste to not have blood on her picture. Vampiresses are so 1988.

The link to the contest is here.

The link to Bubs' blog is here.

Whatever you guys can do....Thanks.


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  2. Thanks, Blue Gal! ♥

    I am glad that you got your taxes off.



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