Thursday, March 12

Holy S**t moments of yesterday.

Ari Fleisher, for whom Saddam and 9/11 are somehow intertwined. And Matthews did try to punch back, but wouldn't ask if ridding the world of Saddam was worth almost 5,000 American soldiers and the mess we are still in almost 6 years later. Why is no one asking that question of these Bush apologists?

On a lighter note, I also said holy shit when I made a joke on Twitter about doing a sex toy scrapbook page at BlogHer. The Evil Slutopia women and I are going in Chicago in July, hope you can join us. Anyway it was just a silly joke, but some very nice woman wanted me to know that the BlogHer women are already down with that:

I still have a bag of sex toys I got from one of our BlogHer speakers in '07 ;)

Okay there are sex toy speakers at BlogHer, that's fine. But I can't get my mind around the "still have a bag" part. It's free bling, right? And we're supposed to SAVE it? For two years? Well, yeah, I guess the steampunk vibrators from BlogHer 1901 are probably worth a lot of money now.


  1. LMAO @ the BlogHer stuff. Too funny. And yes I bet that "antique" would sell for a pretty penny.

    As for the Apologists....
    No one asks that question because we all know the answer. No. WE are not better off without Saddam, you can make the argument that the people of Iraq are - but that's really debatable considering the disaster we created.
    I think they like to paint Saddam as ultimate evil, because they do not want to deal with our country's culpability for the things he did. (By the way, I think Saddam was an a$$hole...but he was a well contained a$$hole - the actions against him were about profiteering and a "my daddy doesn't love me" complex.)

  2. And he was the only check on Iran's ambitions.

    About the sex toy kerfluffle. I have sex toys gathering dust. Sad but true. There comes a time when that itch just no longer needs massaging. I'm wondering if the woman with the bag full, is over 60. Shit happens after menopause that blows your mind.

  3. i aw that jerk spouting off and just thought, wow. i figured that was easier on my mental health than a full blown brakdown after hearing it!

    old sex toys, now there's a multi-layered discussion in my mind right now. dusty? cracked? short circuts??? or just sad and lonely little vibrators talking to themselves like the cars left alone in the avis commrcials.

  4. Hummphff.. . At 61, I'm here to tell you anything can still get blown. And I wonder what happened to Dr. John Butt-ler's "Electronic Manipulator." Sounds like net-toob revisionism to me.

    Is Ari's complexion getting rougher from all that do-overie-ness? And speaking of ovaries, is there anyone in the womb who can look forward to a future without lying republican sycophants?
    You betcha. ;-)

  5. Anonymous3:02 PM

    I had forgotten what a prick Ari was until I saw him yesterday. He must have had one of your toys up his butt.

  6. I was stunned when he used the word "shameful" I actually stopped typing and turned around in my chair to face the TV and I was like geeze this dude is so stupid that he really believes the shyte coming out of his pie hole. Matthews was PO' could see it in his face, full on, pissed. Good for him for calling the flocker out on it.

  7. C&L had the video of Ari and Tweety.

    I think the only thing that will stop those essobees from continuing their Big Lie statements, is to hit them in the face with a pie every single time. It will take a lot of effort, but I'll bet we can round up plenty of volunteer pie flingers.

    BTW: A 1904 Teddy Roosevelt Fair Shake/Big Stick dildo just went for $37,000 at Christie’s Auction House.


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