Sunday, March 15

Blog Against Theocracy Promo Spots part 1

Sure I think Huckabee is a "nice guy," but he's saying we should applaud Bush for attacking Iraq before they attacked us again. Where do I begin? With 9/11 not connected to Iraq? With the "missing" WMD's? With applauding Bush?

This kind of crap is what the Bush Apologist Cavalcade is pushing now, that we're just so much better off without Saddam, so thank you President Bush. Really. I won't mix my politics with my theology and wish "hell" for those apologists. Just jail, starting with Rumsfeld and Cheney.


  1. Beyond being a Bush apologist, Huckabee is a whack-a-doodle. He actually thought that the US Constitution should be brought into line with the Bible. That's just insanity.

    I wish people would get the concept that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, it's really a sign of ignorance or in this case obstinance. It's like they think if you tell a lie enough it will be come truth...sad really.

  2. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Nicki wrote, "'s like they think if you tell a lie long enough it will become truth"

    It has long ago been proven that with the abdication of the Fourth Estate in this country, the ruling elites know a lie told long enough can very easily become truth.

  3. F*ck Saddam, and the buffoons who still dangle him timorously as a bogeyman.
    The dark shadows of 'America' helped in his creation, and then disposed of him like a dirty tissue when his usefulness came to an end.
    To quote Paul Mooney, "How does (the U.S.A.) know (Saddam) has weapons of mass destruction?...Because they have the receipt."
    This filthy game has gone on too long, and the players in it need to be brought to heel.

  4. Re: Huckabee's sound bites

    Well, America's a delicate little flower, and just can't survive any kind of attack! It will just wither up and die the instant bad people say "Boo!"

    Did anyone mention that this guy has astoundingly little faith in his own nation? And he was running for president? My.

  5. Anonymous5:22 AM

    one concerned about Theocracy should see Religulous

  6. darkblack:To quote Paul Mooney, "How does (the U.S.A.) know (Saddam) has weapons of mass destruction?...Because they have the receipt."

    To quote Paul Mooney quoting Bill Hicks?

    I had the following conversation just this week with a fundy Christer.
    FC "It's not up to us to judge Bush and Cheney. Who are we to judge?"

    I said, "That's really good news. I'll notify the jails and prisons to open up the gates. We can shut down the sham courtrooms and let all the "criminals" go, because after all, `Who are we to judge?'"

    FC was last seen driving away in a Big Blue Snit. Logic. The ultimate wingnut WMD?

  7. Good comics borrow and great comics steal, Rehctaw...But indeed, Mr. Hicks was there first as he was for so many other references.


  8. Huckabee is nice if you're not gay. He's a theocrat, his economic ideas were dangerous, and his ideas on health care were also horrible. He can stay as Mr. Seemingly Amiable Wingnut and out of government. Gingrich, on the other hand, is much more dangerous because the Village take his raging egomaniac, intellectually bankrupt, McCarthyist scumbag ass seriously.


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