Monday, March 30

What is your opinion of Code Pink?

There is an effort by Code Pink to create a hand-knit, pro-peace banner to carry to the White House on Mother's Day. I'm knitting (bright pink acrylic, ick, but it will stand up to strain and weather, particularly sun bleaching) four-inch squares which will be sewn by others into the larger piece, with contributions from around the country.

There was a comment (on the knitting forum where I announced my intentions) that Code Pink carries all kinds of negative baggage because of their behavior at Congressional Hearings.

And I'm thinking, maybe those Code Pink ladies should just sit there and knit.

I wish, actually, that I had the ovaries to risk arrest for peace, rather than something less involved. But to each her calling.

Comments open on this, after all, I make fun of PETA's methodology all the time. What do you think?


  1. Whatever Code Pink does is fine by me. Period.

    As for PETA, I was already drifting because of their blatant sexism, but they lost me the day they dressed up like Klansmen. No, sorry, eating meat or whatever is NOT like lynching a person. Nope.

  2. I have nothing but respect for them. Every movement needs its agitators.

    Anyone that tells you getting out in the streets and physically demonstrating means nothing - even if it is some kind of civil disobedience - is wishing themselves and their magical keyboard to be more important than they ever will be.

    Are they over the top at times? Yes. Do I agree with everything they have ever done? No. Did they get people to pay attention to things that might otherwise have gone unnoticed? Hell yes.

  3. I realize there's a place for groups like Code Pink in the spectrum of protest movements. Hell, even the crazies at PETA have been responsible for getting us to at least question and debate the merits of animal rights. I agree with some of PETA's positions. I agree with far more of Code Pink's positions.

    And yet . . . I've put away my Code Pink button and I've covered up my Code Pink bumper sticker. I have a hard time reconciling the differences between brilliant protest like the 'blood on your hands' in-the-face to Condi Rice, and the infantile costumes and ineffectual messages that are more often part and parcel of the organization's protests. As a woman, it's hard enough to feel as though you are being taken seriously. I don't care to make it easy for someone who disagrees with my politics to summarily dismiss me as a Code Pink-er. Instead, I welcome the chance to interact with critics of my viewpoints in a way that reflects nuance and thoughtfulness.
    I'm not saying 'Peace' is a meaningless slogan. I'm saying that Code Pink often diminishes their own message with ridiculous distractions.

  4. I know some of the Code Pink-ers, and I have nothing but respect for them. Sometimes you have to have some theater to get noticed on the nightly news and shout matches.

    And for the older kids amongst us, I might remind you about ACT-UP. If there had not been an ACT-UP, the devastation that is AIDS might be worse today. Everyone spat on them back then, and it turns out ACT-UP was right.

    Just sayin'.


  5. I'm torn. The notoriety they sometimes earn doesn't seem helpful, but on the other hand they do keep the issue in people's minds. At least, it can work that way.

    I also admire their courage and their tenacity.

  6. thank you for knitting for them..I wish I was a better knitter- but I suck...

    Tengrain mentioned Act Up..
    I worked with ActUp in late 80s and early 90's - that makes me sound ancient- but sigh- that is the way of it....and at the time all of my nurse friends and even my Ex were horrified that we protested at all kinds of events etc.....but think on this- it was Reagon and Bush era- and AIDs was getting No Money and people were dying - in huge volumes and at a huge speed...

    it was beyond hearbreaking...and frustating...
    but lives were at stake..

    AND THEN.....
    the Iraq War has happened...and Lives were at stake- so Code Pink was formed...and yeah, they do things that are annoying and they manage to keep people watching Federal hearings ( CSPAN should thank them)....they have kept issues in the Public Eye....Much of DC lacks Spine or a Conscience....

    so I say thank you that they are there...and doing what needs to be done...they have courage....real courage...

    and yeah....10 years from now People will understand better....and be grateful...

  7. i give the credit and i can't equate them with peta.

  8. I am a code pinker, and I know we embrace the *Well behaved Women rarely make history" theory.
    Media Benjamin- the founder, is am amazing lady with a worldwide resume of Fair Trade, and oober progressive ideas.
    Here's the thing-- regular, organized, conventional protests don't get much attention-- even when there are 10,000 gathered. Throw in some crazy ladies in outlandish pink garb with cutting edge signs & acting out (I loved their camp out @ Nancy Pelosi's place!!!)...
    and BINGO! These folks get coverage, headlines & attention.

    I'm glad they disrupt Congressional hearings.
    They might otherwise choke on their own congressional blather.

    Cheers to the outrageous Woman taking a stand.

  9. I like the idea of a row of women knitting below the bloody raree show.

    VERY Dickensian.


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