Tuesday, March 3

Tennessee GOP bumper sticker makeover!

The Tennessee GOP has a new bumpersticker, which, ahem, calls for some translation.


h/t Andrew Malcolm via Utah Savage


If anyone has another better version, I'd love to hear it--feel free to blog it or leave something in comments.


  1. Honk if you're bailing out my bank?

  2. How about one for the GOP in general (with, possibly, pictures of Michael Steele, Mark Sanford, Phil Gingrey and Eric Cantor) that says "Honk if you're one of Rush Limbaugh's Butt-Boys." This of course refers both to GOP groveling and to Rush's description of the entire White House press corps, with the exception of Jake Tapper, as "Obama's Butt-Boys."

  3. Anonymous3:41 AM

    I live in Tennessee, and if I ever go to Nashville to speak to Corker and and Alexander, or my congressmen, I am slapping a sticker on my girlfriend's car that reads 'Honk if you voted against extending your constituents' unemployment benefits and still expect them to vote for you.'

  4. Anonymous3:43 AM

    Eclectic Radical. What I get for posting at nearly 5AM. How embarassing.


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