Saturday, March 7

David Gregory scheduled to follow me on Twitter?

Hmm. How about never? Does never work for you, David?

There's some national correspondent Jamie Gangel at NBC who is starting a CAMPAIGN to get David Gregory to follow her on Twitter? No word on whether:

...he's such a douchebag he won't,
...she's so f-ing annoying he won't,
or it's all a stunt, and she's doing this to drive up twitter attention for Meet the Press, because somehow having Lindsey Graham on for the 3700th time isn't driving up ratings.

Jamie. If this is part of your NBC job, can we send you to cover Gaza instead? Because right now, your manicurist is contributing more to society than you.

For anti-Twitter snobs, let me say how much I like it. Twitter is social networking. It is not a table at Malta, or even Sardi's. I like it better than Facebook. I follow 261 people currently. I get GREAT news tips from the people I follow. Very little of "god i need coffee" or "here's what I had for lunch." If you hang out with people who have some sense of what is relevant, your twitter page will reflect.

I do not follow David Gregory. Decided to follow David Gregory for the "comedy gold" potential.

PS. One wise tweeter points out that when you email Meet the Press, the autoreply comes back "Thank you for sending your comments to MEET THE PRESS with Tim Russert." Ask Jamie to take care of that, will ya, David?


  1. Anonymous7:30 PM

    I don't know about Twitter. I've always been nervous about MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter and it will probably take me time to overcome my phobias.

    That said, the fact the NBC's official email for Meet The Press is still billing Tim Russert as the host made me laugh so hard I couldn't screw up my own internet handle... which, after my last attempt to comment here, makes me happier than it probably should. :)

  2. This is awesome...personally I'm betting he's just a douchebag. I think some of the everyday life stuff is kind of fun myself...Especially Senator McCaskill talking about doing laundry and running out of gas. That's just fun. I think a lot of these pundits take twitter too seriously, it is what it can be a great tool, but ultimately it's about (virtually) meeting people and having a good time.

  3. I'll co-sign to your Twitter defense, especially the 'Twitter is better than Facebook' and 'you don't have to read anyone's lunch menu if you're following the right people' clauses. I think Twitter is great for bloggers.

  4. "Thank you for sending your comments to MEET THE PRESS with Tim Russert."

    Yay! Clearly this means that Tim Russert will be coming back. A dead Tim Russert has gotta be a lot more interesting than a live David Gregory.

  5. Meet the Press zombie apocalypse? Did I spell that right?
    -Doug in Oakland


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