Thursday, March 19

Knitting and Politics go together, except.

Honestly, when someone in a knitting forum decides their opinion matters so much that they must, as an aside, use that popular knitting forum to refer to a certain current President as a, well, let's foil the google searchers and just say "mid-twentieth century central European fascist," [really, knitters, you'd think you'd never heard of Godwin's Law] and then proceed to organize via a Yahoo forum, thread hijacks at the knitting forum, in order to be "heard," I really gotta take a step back and laugh my head off.

PS I didn't link evidence here because you'd need to join Ravelry to read about it. If you are a member, it's in the "for the love of Ravelry" section.

It's like Aspie people who organize group forums online and then noisily demand not to be "healed." If you can organize your own forum, no one wants or needs to fix you. Why wasn't the yahoo group being used to unite like-minded Republican knitters? Oh nevermind. They remind me of this post. Which was and is supposed to be a JOKE. Just saying.

But all of this apparently caused a bit of tumult over at that knitting forum. I belong to the forum, but missed out on the part where the destructive drunk party crashers were ejected, firmly but without malice. As they were carried out they apparently had a lot to scream about regarding free speech, having forgotten that they were in a bar built, maintained, stocked, served, staffed, funded, and opened by someone Not Them. Also, their opinions were apparently welcomed, but the thread hijacking was not, and continued beyond a polite asking them to stop.

And again, they had created a room of their own at Yahoo that was kinda sorta working? Oh nevermind.

Elizabeth Zimmerman, who is the late high-priestess of knitting to so many of us, wrote during the very tumultuous days of the Watergate hearings:

Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises.

I send that word on to the hard-working organizers of Ravelry, with love and affection. And GOP knitters, why not go back to the Yahoo group? Work as hard on it, invest as much, as the Ravelry people did on theirs. Good luck.


  1. Now I wish I was a knitter.

  2. i see knitters can be a dangerous bunch. geeezzzz.

  3. Are you allowed on planes with your needles nowadays?

  4. Girls just wanna have fun.
    And you always seem to have a hoot!

    the reason they don't stay in their own little playpen is because they start attacking each other. It's their nature to attack. It's what they do. They're also pack hunters operating on lower order instincts.

    Their attention span, like their depth of information is short.

    The seagulls' lament. So many rocks to shit on, so little time.

  5. you are so nice. this is why i crochet alone- with the cats :) you are a far, far better woman than i to wish them well. although, i suppose being misguided enough to think that the last 8 years were anything other than terrorism is probably it's own private hell.

  6. So I had this blog that started out as a place to post pictures of knitting and doggies. One day in the midst of the primaries, I post something...pretty ...non controversial. I get slammed with comments like "go back to knitting, you know nothing about politics" Im gonna go over to ravelry and take a look.


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