Thursday, July 27

Thank GOD there's no panties.

The Museum of Sex in New York will be exhibiting a sculpture of Hillary Clinton to spark dialog about female sexuality and power in American culture.
[read all about it at Wired Blogs]

Dialog?...Oh honey, words fail me.

[But I like the guy who said it kinda looks like Jimmy Carter...]


  1. Hmm...IMHO Maybe they NEED a few of Blue Gal's Pantie Specials - IF they really want to get the Dialog a going!


  2. Really, really stuck for words
    Is that good is that bad
    Is it sad, is it really sad

    A Bust is A Bust is A Bust
    Don't know what they are called Down Under

  3. it DOES look like carter!

  4. it's an old TV and Senator Clinton's head is wedged between the rabbit ears. we're watching The Breast Show and Clinton annoys us.

  5. Yes, because when I think Hillary Clinton, I think female sexuality and power in American culture.

    Let's be honest, if they really wanted to spark such a discussion, they'd have a statue of Monica.

  6. ok, i'm depressed... someone beat me to the jimmy carter thing.can i borrow some panties to wipe my eyes?

  7. if i was hill- i would be highly insulted. that bust makes her bust-and the rest of her- look old, wrinkly and old. not very flattering at all. bet he's a repub. oh wait- there are no repub artists- my mistake.

  8. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Yup. Carter.

    The statue looks far more benevolent than Hilary.

  9. Oh my god!
    I think that just made me straight!!

  10. Was she channeling Eleanor Roosevelt when she posed for this?

  11. Well, I for one won't be able to sleep tonight.

  12. Anonymous6:15 PM

    I bet whoever created this thing has had it laying around forever because nobody wanted another statue of Carter.

    Then came the light-bulb moment: If I add boobs, maybe I can sell it as a 'Hilary'?!


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