Tuesday, March 27

Bloggers in the News

Newspaper clipping generator is here.

Two things I want to make sure everybody knows:

Quaker Dave was recognized for his blog Daily Darfur by The Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper. It's a really nice write-up, and Dave is just too modest to pimp it his own self.


Representative Patricia Todd (Democrat, duh) is the first openly lesbian member of the Alabama House of Representatives. She's accepted an invitation to blog with Kathy of Birmingham Blues. Her posts are likely to be Alabama related, but like Kathy herself, Patricia is smart and delightful and worth a click.


  1. Um, my local paper has a blog and linked me.

    Okay, not as cool. . .

  2. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Why, thank you, BG. I'm honored. Welcome back from vacation!

  3. great for qd, hooray for him. : )

  4. "Pimp my Quaker."

    (hee hee.)



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