Friday, March 30

Wow. Another great image for blog against theocracy.


This one from a gorgeous blog called Rabbit Mountain. Tengrain you'll have an office mate in graphic design heaven, and we found her.

Rabbit Mountain points out that she added "American" theocracy to distinguish this blogswarm from anti-Islamic propaganda. Actually, I'm against theocracy in Islamic countries, too, make no mistake.

But there is an important reminder here that this blogswarm is not "anti-religion" it is anti-theocracy. As Tengrain put it better than I ever could:

...I personally do not care if you worship a rock, a picture of Elvis or some other dead guy, or nothing at all in a church, mosque, temple or at the local bar — this is about keeping the Government and all Religions separate, and never shall the twain meet. ...And remember, if Jebus sees his shadow, we have 6 more weeks of winter.


  1. Lest anyone forget, perhaps the greatest of all opponents to theocracy was a fellow called Jesus of Nazareth. Yep, that's who the Pharisees and the Saducees were folks - theocrats. And I know it's controversial, but I also think St. Paul (who boasted about being both Saducee AND Pharisee) was a theocrat, who turned the message around nearly 180° from its gnostic origins.

  2. That's why he was billed as "The Perfect Sacrifice" : the Temple couldn't trump it, his opinion of sacrifice according to their practice was made clear by whipping the vendors, and the fact that the organization supposedly about "faith" played politics to have him killed revealed their hypocrisy in all its glory.
    Oh. He was a practicing rabbi who was welcome to preach in the temples. They killed one of their own.

  3. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Nicely done. I'd be proud to share my heavenly designer cloud with Ms. Rabbit. I'm not planning on using it just yet, I think I should add.



  4. Here's my effort folks... Hope it makes sense!

  5. Hey, BlueGal!
    I've been trying to spread the word a bit on the BLOG Against Theocracy, but I'm not terribly BLOG ettiquette savvy, and I seem to have caused at least one person more trouble than good. Lest I continue in the error of my ways, I thought I would alert you to this BLOG:
    if you card to alert them in the appropriate manner. (it's a killer article) Thanx!

  6. Gah... I can be such a moron! A week early!! I feel silly...


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