Thursday, March 29

Hey! What's that SMELL?

This car panties air freshener trend is disturbing to me most of all because I just hate to see Norman Mailer proven right.

It's true that we now have the technology to make anything smell like anything, though Bushco's ability to make shit smell minty fresh has failed of late. I wonder at the hand that puts peach fragranced underarm deodorant in the shopping cart. What the hell kind of world are we living in, anyway?

Television is the drug of choice.
The drug leads us to lower skills.
We can't get good jobs because we don't have skills.
We need a job to pay for cable TV, Ipods, cell-phone cameras, etc., so we can escape the fact we have no skills and no future.
We line up for jobs at Circuit City. They sell the TV's, Ipods, cell-phone cameras, etc., that lower our skills, so we will have no other choice but to work for Circuit City at an hourly wage.
We work at Circuit City for a long time. Some of us work there for twenty years.
We get raises for working at Circuit City a long time.
Circuit City's management decides we make too much money we are having a negative impact on revenue so they fire us.

But it's okay. We get a severance package that will pay the cable bill for ten weeks, and then we can go back and re-apply to Circuit City for lower wages.

Cut and pasted from the AFL-CIO Executive PayWatch website. (Linking to an oldey-time union when arguing for better treatment of employees? Oh how quaint.)

Good job, Alan. CC was up 1.7% yesterday; future's so bright ya gotta wear shades, eh? And conveniently for you that corporate-owned media's coverage of your "restructuring", I'll betcha a stock option, will be on how Circuit City will work hard to battle "low morale" while keeping its stock price up. Might hafta hire some low-wage security guards in the short-term, Alan: at many participating stores I see disappearing flat-screens with no subsequent "increase in revenue". Just saying.

UPDATE: Eat your heart out Norman Mailer, I was proven right in five minutes: reports show "retail analysts" are concerned that "The question remains as to whether Circuit City can rebuild in time for the all-important holiday season." And Mr. Blue Gal advises me to stop saying "fuck" on the blog. Heh.

Bloggers: STOP calling it MSM. It's corporate-owned media. Money-stream, not mainstream. That's what we're talking about.


  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Excellent post on the income gap and hideous corporate practices.

    Thanks for the language reminder. I can remember corporate media versus mainstream media, but dropping the word fuck?

    That might be pushing it.

    Glad you're back from the cruise!

  2. " corporate media" that's it.

    peach? made me think "peach pit"

    i need coffee! ; )

  3. Stop saying "fuck"???


  4. Be glad that you probably never worked at Circuit City. I did. Blah. I also stole about $60 worth of merchandise from them, so "fuck" you Mr. McCullough.

  5. Sorry, I'm going to continue using M$M. It's not just corporate profits that are driving things. For proof, look at the Jeff Gannon story. That story had it all-- false credentials, gay sex, corruption -- but the M$M ignored it. If it were simply about dollars, we'd still be hearing about that one on Good Morning America. The term "Mainstream" indicates the existence of a majority opinion and a diminished tolerance for minority opinions. Money is a secondary concern.
    Some "liberal" bloggers, for example, have a practice of deleting certain comments because they fear those comments will alienate them from the mainstream.

  6. I like M$M. Covers all the bases. Thanks Big Daddy.

    Yeah, I have a feeling CC is asking for a big embezzlement problem. Plus the fact that I'll never shop there again as long as I live.

  7. I have never used MSM. For one thing it originated at RedState. For another, I just couldn't come up with a better handle. I M$M!

    Hmmm... Circuit City. In Canukistan that is "The Source (by Circuit City)". I'll have to do a little research and see what comes out of it. Great post, BG. It irks me when I see some CEO making 5000 times more from a company than I can possibly invest into it.

    Better to say "fuck" on the blog than start doing it in front of the chillen. This is a good place to vent. (You may quote me. I have no authority whatsoever, but you may quote me.)

    About that cruise. Glad you enjoyed it. Now, for reasons I may one day get around to explaining, Holland America next time!

  8. My favorite quote was: "Without the ability to take its business overseas - as is the case, for example, with manufacturing jobs - Circuit City had to cut its costs in other ways, he said."

    So, taking jobs away from the U.S. is now that standard of corporate behavior? Tax them to bankruptcy, I say. I'm going crazy trying to keep my spending *in* the U.S. in my business (which is hard, in my line of business). Anything I can do locally, I do. (And in my line of business, that's harder than most others.) Why is it accetable to even talk about such behaviors publicly?

  9. What they all said so well, above me.

    On the subject, we're getting a Costco within the next year. While I am saddened by another big box slab o' concrete temple to consumerism going in on yet another piece of some of the richest farmland in the world, Costco is Unionized and pays its workers good wages, good benefits, and donates to Democrats.

    So if you have one in your neighborhood, patronize them. And local businesses of course.

    And ... I like a person who says "fuck." As a schoolmarm, I get a little extra perverse thrill from using the word (outside of children's earshot of course.)

  10. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Economic Classism is the most wide-spread and pernicious "-ism" in our culture, and we're very busy "sharing" it with the rest of the world. Thanks for keeping The Eye on this story; it's important.

    ...And a little blogulatory fuckage is a safe way to concieve ideas in these otherwise dangerous times :)

  11. Another positive for Costco:

    Jim Sinegal, CEO, Costco, is a signer of the statement in favor of raising the minimum wage. The Let Justice Roll site has the details.

  12. but, i don't WANT my hoohoo to smell like artificial fruits and flowers.

  13. And Mr. Blue Gal advises me to stop saying "fuck" on the blog. Heh.

    Heh! is about the mildest Mr. Blue Gal would hear from me! Stop saying "fuck" on this blog. Don't you dare!

  14. Anonymous3:08 PM

    RANT ON: I also have a major problem with misleading sales associates who offer Advantage Protection Plans for their products and then deny their coverage afterwards. I have bought over 100 items from Circuit City and had no prior issues. I will never purchase anything from Circuit City ever again. Be weary of corporate sales pitches, which from CC's recent employee relations deboggle, will be exercised by even more "knowledgeable" sales associates. RANT OFF.


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