Sunday, March 18

What's your favorite YouTube?

The "Valerie Plame panties" that I posted last July got this here blog about four times my usual number of hits on Friday. I have not been able to figure out who linked to them; Technorati is mute on the subject. Oh well, file this under "ya never know."

Favorite YouTube? Oh, doesn't that sound so very MySpace?

Well, BG is taking a vacation with Mister Blue Gal and the mini-BG's later this week. I'd like to post You Tubes while I'm gone and I'd like a little variety.

Music, comedy, politics, satire, you name it.

No panties related silliness. I've seen most of it and it isn't funny.

If you have a favorite, post it in comments. I'll pick four and run 'em, linking back to this comment thread so readers can see everybody's pick. Thanks.

OH AND BEFORE I FORGET Brainshrub has a terrific Ides of March Carnival of the Liberals up. Go visit.


  1. Did you refer to your kids as the mini BeeGees? lol

    I posted this one back in October, and it's still my favorite:

    It's the Asylum Street Spankers from Austin, Texas.

  2. Peter Cook is one of my satirical comedic favorites, who sadly was never appreciated over on these shores as he was in his native Britain.

    This is his E.L. Wisty character.


    Try not to crack up. Dare you.


    John McCutcheon is the man.

  5. Oh, I'm all *over* this. I'm giving you four choices, but they're all only about five minutes long.

    Nina Conti, sexy, funny girl ventriloquist:

    Lindsey Buckingham on the Late, Late Show:

    from a 1988 (just look at her glorious long red hair) live performance on St. Patrick's Day...The Fairytale of New York, by Kirsty MacColl with The Pogues:

    And a recent dance remix of a classic song you'll recognize. The video is basically everything you want rock n roll to be: It's kind of stupid, frankly a bit sexist, and a little childish. I love it.


    You have to know about "Creature Comforts" to get this. On that British TV show, the folks interview people about mundane topics, then set their audio answers as the "script" for their animations.

    This person used some different voices.

  7. No interesting YouTubes to proffer, unfortunately - just stopping by to say hi! My blogging has slowed down as of late, but I wanted to come visit you.

    Have a great trip!

  8. I'm heading to Florida on Thursday ... will we cross paths? Hope so.

    Here's something I posted recently:

  9. For just sheer, side-splitting entertainment, here's my 2 cents.
    The evolution of dance

  10. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Who is responsible for this?

  11. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Literally all of the music videos I had on my YouTube playlist have been pulled down, no doubt as part of the Viacom hardball tactic; and I noted that the peeps who put them up there are now listed as banned from the site.

    Nothing like treating your "customers" like criminals, eh?



  12. I just read my comment and I wanted to make it clear that "have god vacation" should read "have a good vacation". I am not advising anyone to take a vacation from their god or gods. Just sayin'

  13. have you seen the fat rant?


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