Monday, March 12

If your blog was a tree, what would it be?

Waveflux asking/joking/musing about the Baba Wawa qwestion at Shakes. Obviously, my blog is not a tree, it's a panties car air freshener.

(Car schoolgirl fresh? Man, just when I think I've seen every annoying, horny-boy panties image ever posted.)

Mr. Blue Gal returns from a seventeen day vacation this afternoon and I'm madly cleaning the house for his homecoming? What's wrong with that picture? Anyhow, if you want a terrific musing on sex, gender and housework, (risque image but only NSFW if you're boss is a prude) Figleaf has a great post. Then again, I think he's one of the best writers in the blogosphere, and I'm not just saying that because I know the color of his pubes.

Yes. I seriously need to get out more.

Happy Monday.


  1. It's one thing to objectify women, it's quite another to objectify women as car air fresheners! Is it somehow more exciting that she has no arms, legs, head, nor upper torso? Does it somehow enhance the fantasy?

    I have liked my objectified women with a little more meat on their bones, thank you.

    There is something kind of Black Dahlia Murderer or Jeffrey Dahmer about driving around with a person's truncated body in your car.

    air freshener guy: "Are you a leg man or an ass man? I meant that literally."

  2. Yeah, I don't know who the designing genius was behind those. Seriously, the legs and torso make it dance across the line from camp to tacky. If, like all the 'real' panties at BG, they were disembodied, and they came in a variety of styles and colors, guys could have little panty trophy "collections" hanging from their rearviews.

    To make their cars smell good.

    As if THAT would be more attractive.

  3. Anonymous3:28 PM

    That's what I call a pierced navel.

    Best regards,


    PS - the word verification gave me obgyn.

  4. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Hubby was on vacation? I assumed it was a business trip. Stop cleaning, sit your ass down, and have some chocolate!

  5. I don't even clean when I'm coming home from vacation. BTW, anyone know a good housekeeper in the DC area?


  6. I'm away for extended periods (it's a ship/sea thing) and Cheryl usually goes into a cleaning frenzy just before I get home. I've asked her to stop. She's already busy enough and she keeps things "normal" when I'm away.

    I'm also at home for extended periods (it's an accumulated number of days thing) and I do most of the cleaning and a good deal of the cooking. At one point, I was miffed at the crappy suction out of the vacuum cleaner, so I bought a super-duper, "suck the dimples off a golf-ball" upright, which handily folded up for storage. We had owned it several months when Cheryl decided she would vacuum. After several minutes she told me she did not know how to operate the damned thing.

    She brags about it now, but this story is true.

  7. Dave ... do you know where I live?


  8. Heh! BAC I'm guessing from your comment above that it's in the DC area.

    I'm always happy to hire myself out but I've developed a new thing. I embarrass other men into taking responsibility for the housework. That's not just do it but take responsibility for it.

    So, if I may totally warp the Lao Tzu quote:
    Give a man a clean toilet and he'll have a clean toilet for a day; Teach a man to clean a toilet and he'll learn to take better aim.

    Or something like that.

    We can negotiate. I do windows for rum! :)

  9. Anonymous7:40 AM

    We try to invite people over to the house each weekend, because otherwise, the house doesn't get cleaned.

    We didn't have any visitors this past weekend. Therefore, the house isn't clean. Well... it's clean, it just isn't organized.

    Stuff everywhere.

  10. Dave ... cool.

    I'm asking, because the only "male" in my house walks on all fours, and barks all of his orders. He's pretty good at cleaning up after himself, but refuses to clean up after the women in his life ... believing that if there are no squirrels in the back yard at the end of a long day, his job is done.


  11. BAC... I like your dog!

    Unfortunately, it would take either a long hike or a plane ticket. I'm a little far away. British Columbia... near Vancouver.

    You've got me to thinking though. Would "Max The Maid" sound like the kind of business that would appeal?
    I'm thinking a catch-line like, "If we can make 50,000 tons of ship sparkle, imagine what we can do for your home."

    And I think having Blue Gal and Figleaf do the graphic art would work too! :)

  12. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Hey Dave, I'm the graphics guy...



  13. Yeah one of these days I'm gonna kidnap Tengrain and lock him in a room with a Mac, and the next day everytime you mouse over a link at Blue Gal a little transparent background panties image will appear. It will be really cool.

    Figgers that when two of my readers finally decide to turn my blog into a chat room, they discuss the best way to vacuum up dog hair.

    Yeah, the house is never cleaner than the day Mr. Blue Gal returns from a trip, which may explain why he travels so much. I honestly never thought of that.

  14. Dave ... excellent idea, and Tengrain is your guy for graphic design. He's excellent!!

    Blue Gal ... sorry for the diversion, it's just that you've never seen my house!

    I have an idea, let's change the discussion to one of "World Peas" ... did anyone besides me see Martha on the Today Show this morning?


  15. OK, OK, OK. I'm sorry. (Hangs head in as much shame as possible.)

    Tengrain gets the graphic job, without question.

    Didn't mean to go so far off topic.

    World peas? That would be like standing there and dumping a bag of frozen peas on the ground and declaring, "Peas on Earth"?

    Back on topic... I'm not so sure I could live with the idea of an air freshener dangling from the rear view mirror declaring Magic Panties, a pantie-clad torso with my head and shoulders appearing above. The beard (yup. I have one) would create such an incongruous picture.

    OK! I'm done. On to the next Blue Gal subject.


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