Monday, March 5

Giving the skinny blond fascist a pass?

Not really. But qwerty does point out that everything we need to know about bullies like her we learned in kindergarten. Update: Eric Alterman

And as I pointed out in comments at qwerty's place, we actually have Miss Coulter (gag) to thank (gag) for, I think, removing the "faggot" word from public discourse. There's a great montage in the documentary "The Celluloid Closet" where tough guys use the word as a put-down over and over again in American film. I don't see that happening again and it will be interesting to see if, like smoking, use of the word in film becomes a way to show a character as bad, bigoted, and ill-educated rather than merely tough.

So while we're not giving skinny blond fascist a pass, we can see good coming from the evil attempts of others. Besides, Ann, if all I'd eaten all week was the precious bodily fluid of Sean Hannity, I'd be cranky too.


  1. Anonymous2:43 PM

    So THAT'S how she stays so trim! I knew it had to be something disgusting!

    I shall remain a chubby liberal, thank you very much.


  2. The silence of the Moral Arbiters of the Right is deafening, isn't it? Still waiting to hear from Malkin and Donohue, et al, as to how their delicate sensibilities are fairing since this got out.

  3. I just don't get Coulter, really.

    I have gotten to the point that I don't take her seriously. Does she really mean what she says, or is it just a big publicity scheme?

    Certainly, using "faggot" in the context she did was totally uncalled for, not to mention extremely offensive, but it seems to me as though it was just tossed as a way to boost her sales and get her name in the paper.

    Had anyone heard anything from her since she called Bill Clinton a closet homosexual?

    Her fifteen minutes are rapidly expiring and anyone foolish enough to believe her has my prayers and my sympathy.

  4. It's just a big publicity scheme. The only reason anyone buys her books or goes to hear her speak is the hope that she'll throw out some rotten eggs and piss somebody off. No one ever interviews her without bringing up how "controversial" she is, because that's all she has as a selling point.

    Think of what she'll have to resort to once the whole country has been sufficiently numbed by her verbal assaults. She'll have to commit acts of violence on stage just to get attention. Maybe she'll slaughter a goat and throw the intestines out into the audience. It'll be an adventure! Folks in the front rows will cover themselves in plastic!

    When you think about it, she's a lot like Gallagher.

  5. Qwerty has just insulted Gallagher's beauty and poise!!! He is much prettier than Ann Coulter!!!!


  6. A Kossack, VolvoDrivingLiberal, got several companies to pull their ads from Coulters Web site.

    Big Blogs, I'm not sayin' Blue Gal, I just sayin'

    PS Hillbilly blog was just as devistating and the Walter Reed story

  7. You gave me the heebie jeebies thinking about those bodily fluids. Shivers.
    And The Thing is just despicable.

  8. if all I'd eaten all week was the precious bodily fluid of Sean Hannity, I'd be cranky too.

    Eewww. Gross.

    Do you think she does this shit for the free publicity she knows she'll get? You know, like 2Live Crew?

  9. Evil Spock refuses to give her any kind space on The Few whatsoever. Like qwerty said, it's all about her marketing herself to the biggots in our country. And now that Evil Spock has all-White-daters visiting regularly, Evil Spock won't share that audience with her.

  10. It's just hilarious to watch the reich wing squirm as they try to distance themselves from her. They giggled at her comments about killing liberals and journalists and Supreme Court justices. Until she dropped the F-bomb after being introduced by a 2008 presidential candidate. This kind of negative publicity the GOP hopefuls do NOT need.

    Let's make her the avatar of the entire conservative movement! It'll be fun! Already, Edwards is raising "Coulter Cash." Lots of other candidates and causes can make her their unofficial mascot. Like Rush Limbaugh, Coulter can help deliver election victories to Dem candidates.

    Ann Coulter: the gift that keeps on giving.

  11. Anonymous3:36 PM

    So delicious, Ann! So sensual! Of course, she wore them first to make them even more pliant and savory! The more she chews, the better they'll taste! Nothing is too outrageous for the right wing's slag-hag!

  12. nicely handled veruca :)


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