Tuesday, March 13

Let's play guess the candidate's website!

Welcome Crooks and Liars readers. Full-frontal Blue Gal here, Mike's trophy panties here. Love on ya, Mike honey.

Images above taken directly from the candidate's websites. Answers in comments.

Okay, Kucinich is a gimme. And the black guy and the white guy? Think "opposites."

The rest of them were all designed by the exact same guy. I swear.

crossposted at The Aristocrats. Wikipedia has links to all the candidates' websites, but I wouldn't recommend surfing them for fun. Hey, you seen one...


  1. 1. Biden
    2. Clark
    3. Brownback
    4. Clinton
    5. Giuliani
    6. Obama
    7. Kucinich
    8. McCain

    Yeah, no points off if you guessed Brownback for #8, just on principle.

  2. #7 ONLY could have been that delightful elf, and McCain's site looks like a recruiting site for Darth Vader's Stormtroopers.

    Biden's still claims he's running? Wow.

  3. I was going to say something rather clever, then I read quakerdave's comment and now I'm ROTFLMAO!
    McCain=Darth Vadar's Stormtroopers.

  4. Montag, yeah, but in blogoheaders my blue scribble is slightly more unique. You know if I was running for president, my header would be made outta this image. Which reminds me, I've gotta change churches.

  5. If I was running for president, the site background would be a chimp in a circle with a line through it.


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