Friday, March 30

Breaking: US/In Touch/People whatever
provides object lesson in proper word choice

Just got back from the grocery store and one of the magazines at the checkout I don't remember which and I didn't pick it up so don't ask for a link because I wouldn't give it one anyway but the splash atop the cover screamed "RYAN SEACREST GAY CONTROVERSY".

Controversy? Controversy? Huh? Um, not to cloud the issue, but would that be anything like the Anderson Cooper gay controversy?


  1. No, the real controversy should be about why anyone gives a crap.

    Or that they watch his brain-cell killing "show."

    Oh, which one? Pick.

  2. And the real amazing thing is, Dave, that the brain-cell killing show is "Larry King Live" on CNN.

    With substitute host Ryan Seacrest. And special guest Nicole Ritchie.

    Anderson Cooper interviews the American Idol guy on SIXTY MINUTES?

    Of course, Edward R. Murrow interviewed Liberace. It's television. It's a menace. But it's also our culture that's being flushed.

  3. I also think it's absurd and pathetic that these guys think they have a straight image, and that that helps their careers.

  4. maybe their agents have told them they have a huge straight female fan base just waiting to get them into bed? ; ) ha!


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