Wednesday, March 21

Last minute blogging

Yeah, I'm out the door for vaycay. You Tubes will be posted while I'm gone.

Just a few loose ends:

Memo to Barack Obama: If your campaign turns into an "I'm a better friend to Israel than Hilary Clinton is," I'm endorsing Kucinich. Fuck it. (yeah, and his wife? That's whatcha call revenge of the nerds. Rocks, imho.)

Bong hit me, Jesus, through the goalposts of life. Now that I can buy "Blunt Block" air freshener for my car at the local gas station in plain sight, maybe it's time to re-think that draconian drug policy.

Finally, we're going to do a Blog against Theocracy blogswarm on Easter Weekend. Everybody's invited. I don't have time now to go into details but fortunately Neural Gourmet has done it for me. Go read the details at his site and we'll get the party started when I get back. Lots of linky love will go into this and I think with the participation of Science and Atheist bloggers (some of the best writers on religion in the blogosphere btw) this is gonna be huge. More when I get back. xoxo


  1. Thanks Fran! Blogging Against Theocracy on Easter weekend is brilliant and should really p.o. some fundie theocrat wannabes.

  2. Enjoy your vacation and take care.

  3. Just to throw in my three cents:

    1. Young Mr. Joseph Frederick sounds like just the sort of snarky little punk all of us knew in high school, the kind who make life miserable for teachers and principals alike, and it's a shame that a free speech case in front of the SCOTUS will be decided because of a twit such as he.


    The key phrase here is "across from his Juneau, Alaska, high school". He was NOT on school grounds when he unfurled his stupid little banner. That's what's interesting here. How much control over a student's speech can the school district have when kids are off school property?

    2. Blogging Against Theocracy on Easter weekend should be a gas, even for us believers.

    3. BG: have a great one.

  4. Have a good vacation, BG!

    And for the record, I've been a Kucinich fanatic for a while. Too bad so many Americans do not listen to the incredibly intelligent, compassionate things he has to say.

  5. Blog Against Theocracy?

    I LOVE it!!!

    Count on Hypnocrites to post some cartoons, and The Daily Pulse to repost Their Reality has Lapped Our Satire.

  6. BG you are THE BEST!!!! Have a great holiday!


  7. So, where ya going? Take pictures!

  8. Ali Abunimah, over at the Electronic Intifada wrote about how Obama leaned to love Israel.

    Ali's an incredibly insightful person; I love reading his news roundups and the Electronic Intifada (as well as Electronic Iraq and Electronic Lebanon) are great sources for those of us who want actual information about what's going in each of those fronts.

    Personal wishlist? right at the top? That Ali will never-ever-ever have to create a website called Electronic Iran.

  9. I'll be participating in BAT. :-)

  10. this old BAT !

    BAT's often as it is

    needs more


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