Friday, March 9

Setting limits?

Had an interesting exchange with a number of bloggers yesterday re Ann C. and whether or not we should mention her name, or give her what she wants, namely attention.

Quaker Dave
as drawn his line, no more AC. Others have followed suit or not depending. (Awesome comment thread going on over there, too, don't miss it.)

And then there's Fox News in general...Edwards declines to participate in debates sponsored by the Republican noise machine, a-fricking-men. Sandy has more, and I think Sandy's dead on when he says "searching for Democratic votes on Fox News is like fishing for trout on the moon."

Can we Democrats just say no to Fox? Puhleeze? And let's kidnap Alan Colmes for re-education/detoxification while we're at it.

To keep our comments together, I'm turning off comments for this post and requesting we all leave comments over at Quaker Dave's (for Coulter) OR Sandy's (for Fox) posts. I'll be reading/responding over there until the fuel runs out.