Thursday, March 1

Remember the old New Yorker magazine?

I'm stealing their line:

"A friend writes..." (it was always John Updike or Wallace Shawn or somebody erudite like that. Here too.)

A friend writes,

Hey, Blue Gal!

I thought you'd appreciate this: Israel's official musical
delegation to the European "Eurovision" annual song contest was selected by SMS [text messaging] vote. Which song made it? The one threatening nuclear holocaust.

I am not kidding.

The song, by the Teapacks band, is called "Push the Button" and is about *that* button. They appear to discuss their fears of Ahmadinajad's plans, and that they plan to preempt it by pushing the button themselves.

If you blog this, I recommend that you include the last few lines - these:

Maybe it's too sharp - we should sing songs of palms, desert songs, with no flags

I am still alive, alive, alive, and if it keeps on being scary

Then all I'm gonna say is

I'm gonna push the button push the button push the bu push the bu push the button

But it gets better.

The European group in charge of the contest (whose mission is to spread intra-European peace) said that the message is "inappropriate." And certain Israelis on Hebrew comment threads are screaming anti-Semitism!

There is no satire writer ALIVE who could have come up with that!

I really couldn't believe this story. But Pammy's blog posted the goddamn video this past Tuesday. Her poster (Pammy's got guests now, can you dig it?) said the song is "a satirical look at the world's light-hearted attitude towards Ahmadinejad's plans for an impending Armageddon."

And then editorializes, "Yeah, shove it right in the Eurabian's faces, Tippex. I love ya'. Kick butt."

With the nuclear trigger.

PS. I love what Montag said to Hilary Clinton's comment on Iran that "nothing was off the table":

"For fuck’s sake, can we at least take nuclear fucking genocide off the table?!"

PPS. We're all fine here in Birmingham. Just a hard rain this afternoon and all the tornado warnings are over for this storm. Thanks to those who wrote in. xoxo


  1. Why, yes, because we all know Armageddon is so HIFUCKINGLARIOUS!

    The only Armageddon that worries me is one called Dubya.

  2. The key issue with isreal and hte eurovision song contest, is why the hell Israel, bordered with tuppin egypt, is involved in it?

    R'Lyh's entrant looks good though.

    Same song, becasue Our Lady Cthulhu likes the songs that encourage armageddon, but with much more eating the audiences' souls.

  3. Trying to explain this to my family over dinner, I came up with this: the Israeli government. Is delivering a nuclear threat to Europe. In coded diplomatic message. By SINGING TELEGRAM. At the Eurovision.

    Pass over the chianti. I think I'll need a BIG glassful.

  4. Hey, thanks for the mention. And, yes, I kiss my mother with that mouth.

  5. Speaking of Eurovision songs:

    Only watchers of Father Ted will get this.


    My lovely horse jumping through the field
    Where are you going with your brown locks showing in the wind?
    I want to shower you with sugar lumps
    And ride you over fences

    For the rest of you, just check out YouTube.

  6. I am confused. Israel is not part of Europe. What's it doing taking part in Eurovision?

  7. Well, I don't think it is particularly a European thing. I mean, Morocco participated in 1980.

    The Wikipedia goes on at some length about this but the short answer is is that it is a production of a union of broadcasters and is not a product of the E.U. itself.


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