Tuesday, March 20

I pity the clothes marketer

...who has to try to sell to me.

Image from ad in New Yorker Magazine captioned
"what if simplicity is all you need?"

Stand Collar Long Jacket with Raw Edges in Doubleweave Linen $308

Crinkle-Pleated Wrap in Cotton Voile with Embellishment $78

Cross-Back Cami with Self-Bra in Organic Cotton $68

A-Line Skirt with Pull Cords in Linen Gauze $238

Looking like you either landed a role in some really bad Dickens summerstock production, OR you're just a homeless woman on the beach, all while spending more money on one outfit than most single moms see in a month? Up yours, Eileen Fisher.

And it's not that I'm a total hypocrite or anything, my biggest beef is that the clothes above are ugly as well as overpriced. You all know that I've been virtually shopping the runways like mad in preparation for the Koufax red carpet. I may have finally decided on this Derek Lam Spring 2007 dream gown, and yeah, since fair use is free use I don't care that the dress might "set me back" a couple grand:

I'm saying a little prayer for the Wampum folks. Getting Koufax off the ground in flu, hayfever, kid's spring break season is way more than I could handle. Patience, ma hunnies.


  1. I wish I could say that fashion has never succumbed to such a thing, but this has been a problem forever.

    My favorite Oscar Wilde quote runs along the lines of: "And, after all, what is a fashion? From the artistic point of view, it is usually a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months."

    Then again, some clothes are ugly, but some are uglier than others.

    You remember the fashions of the '80s better than I do, and I look at them now and I say to myself What were you thinking?

  2. i could make a trip to goodwill and get better clothing, name brand/designer stuff and with the money from that one gawdawful outfit, dress myself and 3 other people for a year!

    tho i was glad to see that the model has grey hair she still looks homeless or ill!

  3. oh and the blue dress, perfect!

  4. The models are pretty hot, though.

    Just sayin'...

  5. you are a hoot today dave. ; )

  6. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Hey...if we win a Koufax, do we get to give a speech. "I'd like to thank my publicist and the chick who keeps my skin looking shiny.'

  7. Sherry makes a good point about grey.

    What dress? Blue Gal looks great!

  8. You guys aren't into the hobo look?!?

  9. Tengrain11:34 PM

    Sometimes, because the model is so handsome or pretty, they can look good inspite of the clothes. As for the beach-side bag lady, get her a blanket and a ride to the soup kitchen. Poor dear looks shipwrecked.



  10. i'm seeing more and more female models with grey hair. saw one in a hot tub ad on t.v. just this morning.

    if this keeps up i may stop coloring my hair. or, maybe not. ; )

  11. TheCunningRunt10:11 AM

    Out here in the hills of Western Massachusetts we like our Organic Free Range Women in workboots, jeans and down vests. For the $800 Bag-Lady look you have to go to The City ;)

    Oh, and there's nothing sexier in my book than long silver hair and a big smile on some Country Gal, so let it go, Ladies!

  12. I knew it was just a matter of time before Mugatu's Derelicte line hit the trades. And as far as Free Range Women go, I say, "Catch & Release"


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