Wednesday, March 14

Oops. She. Did It Again.

No, seriously, not to go all Britney on you OR to start blogging about my hair. "My new haircut" bloggers are, like reality television, antithetical to the revolution.

Just a quick shout to Locks for Love, a non-profit that provides wigs to kids who are both sick and poor: ten inches of BG tresses are on their way. Memo to you boys with hair fetishes (yes you, Mr. Blue Gal), this silky mane will look much better on an economically disadvantaged child who's lost hair to illness, trust me.

And memo to you fellow-hippies who have ten inches to spare: the website has all the info to getcha a free haircut for a good cause. Do it 'cause it feels good, man.

This is my second time. My hair is still below my shoulders, and already starting to grow for the next harvest, in about 18 months.


  1. The woman who cuts the hair of all three male Agitators is growing her hair long for this, as is her lovely daughter. I have s couple students working on this right now, too.

    One of our dear colleagues, a long-time teacher's aide, just had to resign, as she is (again) battling breast cancer and has used up all her sick, personal, and family leave time. She will now have to go on state assistance to get her health care, along with whatever our union can raise for her. it is a dark time for our school family.

    This is a good cause.

  2. I admire you.

    I will emulate your excellente example. My man, like yours, has a long-hair fetish; he will, like yours, support this excllent cause.

    I love you for pointing out this organization. (Well, among other things for that.)

  3. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Good for you, BG! 13yo daughter just sent in her second ponytail.

  4. Good for Kathy's daughter. Go, grrrl.

  5. This gift is generous of you, Blue Gal.

  6. Anonymous10:30 PM

    My daughter and I were just talking tonight about O. Henry's Gift of the Magi and I teared up over the selflessness of it all. ...And here it is again, not as fiction, but as reality. Pass the tissues, please.

    Thanks for doing this, you selfish, self-centered liberal. ;)

  7. good for you! a friend of mine has the most glorious honey blonde hair and a few moths ago she had it cut short to donate for the same cause. this was her 2nd time and she plans on doing it again.

    i told her that if my hair was that beautiful i'd have it down past my waist forever, which is where her's was. she laughed. her's grows faster than i ever thought hair could. i admire her and you.

  8. Good cause. Wish I could contribute. As for moi, I go in for my tri-annual shearing and normally keep the mane reasonably constrained.

    My hair, unlike many, grows outward rather than downwards. To obtain ten inches of hair growth, I shudder to think how far outward my hair would have to grow.

    See also: Comrade Kevin in high school.


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