Saturday, March 22

Baby on a Train Stories

Mine, Friday night: So I get on the Amtrak train and I had paid just a very few bucks extra so I would have a guaranteed writing seat for me and my laptop.

Got to so-called bizness class and found it was still SRO. Heh. There was a young woman who had her baby in a carrier in the seat next to her. Amtrak guy tried to nicely explain that the baby didn’t have a seat. I looked at the conductor guy.

“Are there electrical outlets in the Club Car?”

Yes ma’am.

“Can I have one?”

You can have two.

So I have a choice between sitting (A) next to a new mom traveling alone, whose baby seat I have abruptly moved to the floor, and (B) a desk all to myself…with two power outlets? And all of a sudden I believe in the win-win power of Tony Robbins's teeth.

And here's Flip Wilson's train story. He makes his career on his first Tonight Show appearance by Making. Johnny. Laugh.


  1. A friend of mine was on a train, and there was a toddler in the car that wouldn't stop whining and crying. My friend stood up and shouted, "That's fake crying!" The kid shut right the fuck up.

  2. I think I might have seen that live. It's so familiar.

    I love taking the train.


  3. Every punchline was new at one point!

    Good delivery by Wilson, but man, you're right, Carson just cracks up!


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