Saturday, March 1

Saturday Song with bonus movie review

I saw Semi Pro tonight (in future it will be known as the "Will Farrell Basketball Movie" and will come in a boxed set with the Will Farrell NASCAR movie and the Will Farrell Skating movie) and it owes a lot to...yeah...disco circa 1976, but also to Michael Moore, without whom we would not know just how quickly and violently Flint, Michigan died in the seventies. If comedy is tragedy plus time, this movie proves it vis a vis Flint.

The Flint Tropics (obviously bought from sunnier climes) are a bush league basketball team. You don't need to know any more about this movie except that and Will Farrell. Will Farrell, like Steve Carrell, has an innocence that, painted over with fake surety and false testosterone, is just fall-flat hilarious. When, after a bad call, he tells his Catholic priest referee to "suck my cock! I'm gonna kill your family!" and then when after the entire movie he says he's been keeping this team franchise going for his dead mother and then he dreams of her in heaven and she's Patti geez it's funny.

And who can argue with a theme song that is a blender's smoothie idea of ersatz "You Sexy Thing," and "Sexual Healing," topped with some creamy "Let's get it on" for sweetness. Except, of course, the lyrics (as I heard them in the closing credits, not here dammit) include:

That's right girl,
Let me whisper in your ear.
Baby, wake up!
We're naked.
And we're humpin' sexy.
It's been goin' on for fifteen minutes...
Oh, it's too late.

Cracked. Me. Up.


  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    With your Jane Austin fixation I w thought The Other Boleyn Girl would be more your cup of tea


  2. I had a Quaker simple supper to go to first (not that garlic soup is all that simple just delicious.) I couldn't make the Boleyn Girl movie in time.

    It's okay though this one was just as escapist as any costume drama. Will Farrell and I share a birthday, by the way.

  3. I include Will Ferrell movies as "Topics Not to Be Broached with Militant Feminists Looking for Evidence of Sexism in Modern Society".

  4. Anonymous9:22 PM

    I know I am not in the target demographic group, but I do not get Will Farrell even a little bit, except in wee small doses.

    For 90 miniutes or so?

    I'd rather have a migraine.

  5. What did Winston Churchill say? Will Ferrell is a humble man, with much to be humble about.

  6. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Howdy BlueGal! I am usually the "will ferrell in small doses" category myself (see "Bewitched" and you wonder I would ever see one of his movies again...) - but I chanced it on "Blades of Glory" and I about had to change my pants from laughing so hard, practically peed myself!!! I haven't seen "the basketball movie" or "the NASCAR movie" but I did watch "Stranger Than Fiction" and really enjoyed it, too. So, maybe I will give the others a try...? :)
    Peace out! (love the blog, first time to really be able to check it out!)


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