Monday, March 24

No Vlog Today, but Salon Tonight

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Had a child home from school today and I have a strict policy of none of my children on the video blog, ever. Note that even Pammy took down her My Sharia video, and those of you who saw that...well...

I'll try for a video blog tomorrow. Incidentally, those of you who don't know, I'm moving with my three kids to the Midwest this summer. If you have moving advice, please share it!

Here's the link for salon. The past couple days have been very up and down so I'm looking forward to kicking back with everyone as I can.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Blog Against Theocracy, which was amazingly successful. Go visit the amazing writers who took the time to blog about separation of church and state.

By the way, I'm still putting up links over there, so don't think it's too late. I haven't even written my own post yet. But I've thought about it.


  1. personal jesus

    lift up the receiver, i make you a believer

  2. Welcome to the midwest. Over here in St. Louis we just watch for green clouds. If you see those, find the nearest basement. (as a corollary, never get a house without said basement).

  3. Anonymous12:47 AM

    Hope you and yours find better prospects and more kindred spirits up hereabouts.

    Most important -- pay good movers. Make sure they're bonded and background checked. No beer (insist). Provide soda/Gatorade instead. Have everything boxed and sealed tight before they show up, even if it means living out of sleeping bags and suitcases for a day or two.

    Don't make the move too close to the beginning of the school year if you can help it. Be agressive about getting the smaller ones to make friends quickly. Expect a one semester dip in the kids' grades, hope it isn't two semesters.

    Make time for each other. Don't be in such an allfired hurry to get everything out of boxes right now -- pull what you need as you start to build a livable space in your minds (it also helps keep the clutter and stress down in the first week or two). Sharing discoveries builds interdependence and team spirit.

    You *did* ask for free advice.

  4. After 6 moves over 20 years in the Navy I learned a few very important things:
    Put your kitties in an already empty room and don't let any one open it until the movers leave or, board them at the vets on moving day, cats love to hide in open moving boxes!

    Have a Spring cleaning before moving, donate, throw out, have a yard sale of everything you don't want to move. I found moving was a good time to take stock and simplify.

    Mark your moving boxes clearly, and put the things you will need first all in one box: sheets, pillows, etc. Make sure you don't pack you important papers esp. the ones needed for school registration, carry them with you.

    Have a safe move.

  5. Nice work on the BAT, btw. Well done.

    As to moving, BOXES. Marked, taped, and not over stuffed.

    And get references for your would-be movers. People will praise the good ones, and rat out the stinky ones. 'Cause there's nothing worse than bad movers.

  6. Can't you get alcohol-free vlog for the children? I hate to see them miss out.

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