Sunday, March 23

Blog Against Theocracy 2008 - Details

Moving this post to the top for the entire weekend, ma hunnies. Have a great one. -- BG

BAT logo by Tengrain of Mock, Paper, Scissors, who points out:

The theme [of the blogswarm], like always, is the Separation of Church and State — we are for it. But the variations on the theme are many...This is not a bashing of religion - peeps can believe what they choose, however they choose — but it is a reminder that the Government should keep out of religion, and Religion should keep out of the government.

The image above is available for everyone to use. You can grab it here, or at Flickr or Photobucket.

Here is how to participate in the blogswarm.

1. Write a post in support of our United States Constitution, specifically regarding the separation of Church and State. You can write your post anytime, but the blogswarm takes place Easter Weekend, March 21-23. Your post will be linked at the Blog Against Theocracy website during and just after that weekend.

If you have any writer's block on this, here are some great websites to get you started:

First Freedom First
(their "questions to ask the candidates" series is very timely)

The ACLU's religion page

And I also love the blog Talk2Action.

2. Send the URL of your post via this online form, and add any comments you would like. I will receive your link and over Easter Weekend (and just after I'm sure) I will post these to the BAT website.

3. Sit back and enjoy the hits, and know that Thomas Jefferson, Buddha, Mohammed, and Jesus his own self would be proud of you. (Yes, personally? I really believe that.)

crossposted lots of different places, including the Blog Against Theocracy site. If you want to pimp this at your own blog, I suggest sending people to that post. Thanks.


  1. i LOVE this picture! terrific!

  2. I am looking forward to this.

    BTW, I agree, Talk2Action is great; I am friendly with one of the writers there, Frank Coccozelli.

    That Southpark photo says it all!

  3. And if anyone would like to keep the party going AFTER BAT ends ... visit and check out the simulcast event taking place March 26 at a theater near you! (hopefully)

    It's going to be a GREAT show, with wonderful church-state champions telling their stories, along with fun stuff like the Bacon Brothers band (actor Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael), a GREAT message from Michael J. Fox. Additional music from Catie Curtis and comedian Marc Maron.

    TONS of FUN ... and guess what? IT'S FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes, it just doesn't get any better than THAT!

    Hope to see you there!


  4. 'Gal, you just made my day. I thought it was THIS weekend, and have a half-formed thought rattling around in The Void, but I'm sicker than a very sick Dawg and figured I was missing it!

    I'll try to pass this spiny little brainstone in the coming week, then; wish me a bit of luck with The Crud inhabiting my lungs.

  5. got mine up but can't seem to get it on the form. me, not spiffy at computer lingo.

    but, it's up.

  6. Wouldn't miss it for the second coming...

  7. Anonymous7:25 PM

    No no no, BlueGal, that's not Thomas Jefferson, it's Mormon "prophet" Joe Smith.

  8. Anonymous9:36 PM

    BG, this has become a central core of concern for people of all religons, races, and states.

    Certainly, with the BoyKing's Fundamentalistic Overhaul of all Government Agency's from the top down, it's a PRIME concern of us all, as they have juked the system and rigged it.

    The USAF and it's ascension of power at the hands of Christians with their fingers on 'the bomb' has been well documented, prayer meetings on government grounds and during time the taxpayer is paying the bill are a mere image and surface factor of cause and concern as to who holds power, and why, not to mention how that power will be used for for what reasons.

    It's all been well documented, I won't repeat the details to support my statements.

    But, I WILL offer that the KEY to fighting the incursion of religon into our state, our government, lies in this link, which I find MOST helpful to return to as I'm NOT scholar in the matters of the LEGAL statutes involved with separating church, from state.

    And that's my blogswarm contribution as best I have. I want my country back!

  9. So I am still confused- so if we post this weekend can we still be included ? I am blogging on it this weekend...I got distracted ....too much snow, flooded basement, and work ( my brain is on overload...) But I do want to blog on this at watergate summer.....

    ( these swarm things always muddle my brain..)

  10. Happy Easter, Blue Gal, et al!

  11. Mine's up, BG. Happy Easter Sunday to you and the kids!

  12. Thanks, Blue Gal. I tried *blush*

    This is really something I plan to post more about on a regular basis. :-)

  13. here is my meager contribution to
    preserving neutrality. . .

    p e a c e


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