Thursday, March 20

not buying it

There are lots of reasons not to.

Darfur is kind of a big one.

Then yesterday while our Vice President was telling lies about stuff he is responsible reprehensible for, the Chinese said shit about the Dalai Lama. As if.

For one day, I looked for that label before I bought anything, and then didn't.

Fuck 'em.

Blog against theocracy starts tomorrow I'm gonna have a post up about that later today.


  1. Slave labour should also be a factor. Not to mention the terms under which "free" workers labour.

  2. How we seem to have outsourced our humanity in the process.

  3. china implements the labor policies of the American Republican Party.... Link

  4. always interested11:42 PM

    Slave labour, North American jobs outsourced to China...they need jobs but so do people here...children's toys and clothing that are far from safe, the Dalai Lama, all of, just no, and yes I check the labels

  5. Anonymous9:13 PM

    All comments are right on. It will take some searching to find alternatives, but I'll be even more careful. If more people sign on to this idea, it will make significant differences--but not to the snarling VP, who stated he doesn't care what the American People think. To think this creature has sucked the blood of the taxpayers for many, many years--makes me sick.


  6. and don't forget the tainted everything. I think china is really going to regret getting the 2008 Olympics. Looks like it is going down in flames.

  7. Anonymous9:36 PM



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