Monday, March 17

The "Never in a Million Years" meme

Thank you again to those sweet people who have contributed to my fundraiser. I deeply appreciate the help (and yes every little bit does help) and especially the kind words.

Video blog might happen later today depending on my internet connection. I'm traveling this week. Salon tonight for sure.

Evil twin has continued the "five I wouldn't throw out of bed" meme.

I humbly offer the opposite, the "never in a million years" list which I do not meme but anyone is welcome to add to, link, or whatever.

I would not order a pizza with him.
Even if he was buying.
If you know what I mean.

Neil Cavuto? If he was the last man on earth? No. Not even then.

Seriously, even Elliot Spitzer's fifty-five hundred dollar hooker would think twice before "swiping his debit card", doncha think?

Who's on your "not in a million years" list? Others I've heard mentioned are John Gibson (well, yeah), and then from a gentleman (?) he listed, well, the usual conservative "babe" suspects as you might imagine. Malkin, Atlas, Morgan, Debbie Strussel, J-Lo, Coulter.

The opposite of "intelligence is an aphrodisiac"? That would be Glenn Beck.

And I also think there are some conservative women who should change their names before they run for office, don't you?


  1. cheney
    pat robertson
    simon crowell
    rush limbaugh

    i could go on but typing out cheney's name has made me break out in hives!

  2. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Any republican. Yeah, it's a long list sadly, but there is no way I could even date someone who identified as a republican. Libertarians too...they tend to be republicans who like to fuck and smoke pot (ok, some do care deeply about the constitution, but still).

  3. her name....maybe it means Something.....


    I view anyone that works as FOX as contaminated.....worse than any STD.....nope...would rather join a nunnery....for life....

  4. 3 of the libertarians that i know personally wouldn't
    know the constitution if they were given a copy with the title blanked out, but guns, they have them and taxes, they complain louder than any(except the very wealthy i know)

  5. Oy. I see Cheney was already mentioned, but he bears repeating. The combined gross product of the planet earth could not entice me to get naked with that man.

    Tucker Carlson, George Will, and any other self-impressed conservative in a bowtie.

    Paul Wolfowitz. Ewww.

    Robert Novak.

    I'm going to stop now, all this evil is making me feel dirty. And not in a nice way.


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