Monday, March 10

Spitzer's real crime? Selling out to Bollywood.

The payoff...

The entrapment...

And the musical finale, at the Hillary Clinton Superdelegate Floorshow** in Denver! (Yes, that is Barbara Boxer shimmying with Elliot!):

**Update: Radar Online reports Senator Clinton never heard of him.


  1. Gotta love the hip action to reinforce his point about the hookers.

  2. I'm surprised that Howard Wolfsohn or Mark Penn haven't come out yet to ask Obama if he is going to disavow Spitzer's endorsement. And yes, you know they were thinking about it.

  3. BG,
    Thanks for taking me places on the internets I would never dare to go by myself. . . Oh, and Pissed in nyc. . .
    Maybe they've just asked Timmeh Rusthurt to do it for them. . .

  4. These are gorgeous, Blue Gal. I love them.

    I hope the super delegate floor show will leave me feeling so perky.

  5. Wonderful! Fun, campy, fashion extraveganzas, costume glory, and your words...subtle and funny.

    Who could ask for anything more?

    (A high priced hooker! That's who!)

  6. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    everything but Ethel Merman belting out There's No Business Like the Hooker Business


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