Friday, March 28

Banned from Casa Blue Gal...

...the children's book "Training your Pet Ferret".

...any grilled cheese sandwich recipe which requires that you first boil lemon slices until there is "just a thin syrup left in the pan."

...the Southern "lifestyle" magazine Garden and Gun. Catch phrase: "Live the life." Not making that up.


  1. yuck!

    grilled cheese is perfect the way it is!(white bread and american cheese)

    call homeland security! ; )

  2. StonyPillow6:30 PM

    Smoked salmon and gruyere cheese sound like they might be delightful together. I'm going to try just lightly brushing a bit of lemon juice over the salmon instead of that silliness. Salmon needs lemon.

    Recipes the Chicago way -- take out the obsessive stuff, replace it with something that sounds more reasonable, and file off the serial numbers before dropping it in the recipe box.

  3. I like your recipe, SP. Far better and if I could afford gruyere and salmon I'd try it.

  4. I must note that I was going to mock the "Garden and Gun" magazine, until, that is, I remembered that the news stand near me carries "Bound and Gagged" (my favorite magazine title). And Big Butts. And lots of other magazines I'm guessing aren't sold in most news stands in Alabama.

  5. In my neck of the woods, the magazine would be "Mobile Homes and Meth Labs"...


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