Friday, March 28

One of the best movies...

...I've seen in a long time. Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day:

I suppose you could call it a chick flick, but you'd be doing yourself a disservice. For film buffs of either gender it's a well-done nod to the "women's film" of the WWII era (and set during that period to push the point). But more than that it's a lovely example of what happens when everything in a film is done exactly right: casting, costumes, music, set design, and of course script...right down to the editing...the pratfall in this featurette is wisely cut from the final print.

Highly recommended.


  1. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Thanks, Beege-
    It just opened at the Uptown.
    Going tonight, for sure!

  2. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Just saw it Friday. I see every movie with Amy Adams. She is almost our generation's Audrey Hepburn, almost.

    As usual, Francis McDormand was excellent. The whole cast worked well together. I think I liked the restraint in this film. The bad guys were just bad, not evil, the jokes were fun and subtle (the cucumbers), and Ciran Hinds is getting better and better with each film.

    If you like the old romantic comidies, this is as close as you can get today.

    Rene ala Carte


  3. I don't think that's out over here (UK) yet. My cousin did foley for it back in the autumn and said it would be worth seeing so I'm looking forward to its release.

  4. I'm so glad to hear the good reviews! I saw a preview and thought it looked great, but you never know about movies like this ... sometimes they do disappoint.


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