Tuesday, March 25

Too many totally weird things going on to blog today.

This morning I found out I somehow lost an important email from a friend. An important email. From a friend. I'm really pretty devastated by that. We'll patch it up, but still, it appears as though I ignored her when she needed me and that completely sucks.

Blog Against Theocracy went very well (actually perhaps too well which may be why I missed/lost/never got the important email). We had over 175 participants (yeah 175 emails in two days maybe I deleted something by accident?) even without counting James Carville's contribution, curse him.

Last night's salon everyone was nice but it was weird and if I'd been around more I might have been able to fix that. My apologies.

Sorry I'm really really beating myself up right now.

And then The New York Times wonders on page one if Obama is too liberal to unify the country. And in the past 24 hours I have actually agreed with both Chris Mathews and David Brooks. No links I just can't deal.

I'm gonna take the rest of the day off.