Friday, March 7

No kidding!

Ann Coulter and the Friedman twins! Yeah. Back in the 70's they were in a band! Shit, man, you never heard of that? In support of UNICEF or something. Hold on I've got the vinyl record here somewhere....


  1. owwwwe ouch, eyes...the pain...

    ( Blue you should have offered a drink with this....)

    Hey- last night over on C&L you suggested that we add Hussein to our Names- I think we should do it- it is an excellent idea....we should have a whole day of it or even a week- imagine if 1000 blogs did it- it would send a messege...

    I am willing to spread it over at Watergate...but if the big Blogs supported it- like C&L or Huffpost or Skippy...( it did cause BIG problems sadly here in Ohio the smearmail about his name and religion...)

  2. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Wow. She musta sucked every drop of helium outta that bottle...

  3. I can see you've obviously been in league with Morse.

  4. How's that country song go?The only thing in the middle of the road are dead armadillos.

  5. It can't be Coulter; it's not a grating enough sound.

    Ya know, BG, you're awfully sadistic for a Quaker. ;-)

  6. ann coulter singing pop rock....she is a total buffoon!!!


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