Tuesday, March 4

Six Sentences or Six Words

Savage Chickens is new to the BG blogroll.

I like the blog that does stories in six sentences. Now there's a meme on writing your memoir in six words. Doug got it from Salon. But I read about it at Doug's.

Here's what I came up with in six minutes, rearranged by quality, I think:

Finally learned what she is worth.
(Sounds like a haircolor ad, I know, but I was getting warmed up.)

Pretty, sexy, smart, and modest, too.

Too much cowbell, not enough sax.

Her house cleaned itself or else.

She became her mom. Thank God.

It's all written down here somewhere.

and my personal favorite:

Forgiveness was the best revenge ever.


  1. 6S needs some Blue Gal! You better send some deliciousness soon!

    (Thanks for the mention!)

  2. oh god. the chicken is ME!!!!!

  3. That's a great cartoon.

  4. Question asked, is our childrens educated?


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