Monday, March 31

Go vote for Melissa McEwan (Shakespeare's Sister)

Hey Harvey, how about a nice heaping cup of shut the fuck up?

Mmm-kay confession, I've only heard of three of the finalists in the pick your favorite woman blogger thang. One of those three I would never vote for, Digby is certainly worthy, but Melissa has a special place in my heart.

Do what you like Digby fans, I won't hold that against you a bit.

Not to get all anti-sistahood on you, but I smiled to see that Malkin and K-Lo somehow didn't make the cut. Girls? Have a cuppa coffee.


  1. So what you got against Jessica?

  2. Thank you, darling. *mwah*


    Oh...and the check's in the mail. ;)

  3. Moioci: Jessica who?

  4. oh I went and looked it up. No I don't have anything against Feministing either. Stop trying to guess. I think Taylor Marsh is kinda nuts and I've said so before. She doesn't need my approval and probably not my vote, either.

  5. i already voted for melissa.

    : )

  6. That's a real stupid list, and as you said BG, it leaves out a lot of folks, and most on the list I don't know of, either.

    Digby, like FDL, was fine up until that first Kos Konvention.

    Something in the blogs changed after that, they lost their focus, and became a lot like our dem reps in house and senate.

    Useless to the pregressive cause.

    Oh well, plenty of OTHER bloggers exist to tell it like it is.

    Good luck to all feminista foul mouthed lady libs of the blogoshpere!! Cuss yer hearts out! This Larue's listening.

  7. I already voted for Melissa from another linky. :-)


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