Friday, October 24

Best post I read all day

At Betty Cracker.

"Bring on the Celestial Hoover. Dear Jesus, will you Rapture up these stupid fucks already?"


  1. me too.(except for the japanese penis festival photos over at kona's.)

    a friend of mine whose mom is really a fundamentalist hardcore, but we get along, has gone over the edge with this election.
    she watches fox and the religious programs and they have her so worked up that when a pollster was talking on the phone to my friend, her mom grabbed the phone(very out of character for her) and started yelling into it "we are voting for mccain, MCAIN, MCAIN!"

    then she hung up the phone.

  2. Goes to show, just because you're 'Right' don't make you righteous.


  3. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Me pees me pants

  4. Like my friends used to say "who'd want to stick that"? in a good way, of course. The stunned look on the interviewer's face says it all...what an elitist.

  5. Anonymous7:10 PM

    HAHAHAHA! I really enjoyed this one. Thanks/ :-)


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