Sunday, October 12

But The Weathermen were good guys in my house!

Am I the only leftist radical out there who thinks, okay a little tongue-in-cheek but still, "what is all this shit about The Weathermen being bad people?" I mean, all they wanted to do was overthrow the Federal Government of the day by any means necessary.

This during a time of unjust war and high crimes among the ruling elites against the Constututional rights of the people. What's wrong with that?

And screw people who think I'm trying to fight the Vietnam War all over again. Like Barack Obama, I was a little kid.


  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Roughly 30 years ago I had to share a recording studio one afternoon with Allan Ginsberg. By this logic that means I'm a homosexual poet and the son of an ardent communist.

    That means we're either dealing with a failed line of reasoning or I've just had a moment of extreme clarity.


  2. I'm sure back in the day, I might have easily been a Weatherman.

  3. That's a good hair cut you have in that photo. You were a too cute kid!

  4. Anonymous2:34 PM

    You sure were cute for a comsymp! When I was little, my mother dressed me in those hideous 60s plaid shirts, too!

  5. Good Lord, just look at the incipient radicalism in those apple cheeks!

    'Book'm, Dano'


  6. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Hey - you were raised right. You were raised to think.

  7. My friend Vincent said that he tried to join the junior Panthers when he was nine, but his mom found out and put the stops to it. He grew up here in Oakland, though, and had more opportunities for high-grade mischief than us rural/suburban tykes. He also knew where Tower of Power's rehearsal space was, but that's an entirely different grammatical use of the word "radical"...

    -Doug in Oakland

  8. I know! I can't seem to summon any outrage about the Weathermen connection. Heck, my husband went to Columbia when the SDS was still blowing up stuff. He wasn't one of them but their activities were kind of ordinary in those times. People need to get over the 60's already...

  9. Anonymous10:53 PM


    Are you the spitting image of your daughters, or *what?*

    It's supposed to be the other way 'round.

  10. In a time when anyone espousing the kind of domestic policies enacted by the Nixon Admin (wage & price freezes, anyone?) would be roundly denounced on Fox News as "a far left loon" or worse, those of us who are reality based just have to keep some things to ourselves.

  11. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Damn straight, Foo-Foo! They still are! Where are they when we need them?!?!?

  12. Anonymous10:39 AM

    OK guys the weathermen did kill an innocent man, it was unintended but that's what happens when you turn to violence.

    I have a dear friend who help lead the March on DC when they shut the city down. They stressed non-violence even when the DC cops were arresting anybody on the street without a crew cut.


  13. I think we've all learned that blowing up buildings in service to The Revolution is counterproductive. Thanks OG.

  14. No doubt your junior bomb making kit was at your feet when that photo was taken.

  15. In the world where I lived the Panthers and the Weather Underground were freedom fighters. I suspect that homeland security, al quaeda, et al are ginned up realities to deal with an America that may get hip to what is/has been done in thier name.


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