Tuesday, October 28

Spot The Difference

One of these women is not qualified to be President in 2008.

The other one is the Republican's current best chance for the Presidency in 2012.

It takes a sharp eye....


  1. HA!

    I guess they are hoping to prep her over the next few years. I heard the plan is for her to start reading a paper or two from time to time between now and then.

  2. is she suddenly going to lose man brain todd- and get edumacated herself? they don't even try to cover the fact that people running for office are just paid actors put in front of a camera. sigh. it's all a stage set.

  3. there's not enough edumacation in the world that will overcome her arrogance. so i figure she'll just perfect her act she's got going now.

  4. Well, according to this piece on Huffington Blatt (linking to which is a bad habit and kids shouldn't start), Governor Charge-It is '...the new Ronald Reagan', according to some sort of byzantine rationalization within hardcore elements of the GOP.

    Reagan with tits! Ain't it cool?


  5. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Actually, there is no difference. What makes you think that the Rethugs think they need any difference in her. She is the one that is keeping McSame's numbers up despite her screw ups. She's keeping his numbers up because there are a lot of Rethug men that think the have a shot at her skirt. They are excited by her "barefoot and pregnant" thought processes. If they are going to "groom" her for a run at 2012, they better get a very large funnel and start pouring in the knowledge. Actually, just letting the air out would at least be an improvement.

  6. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Well, Th' Cap'n be supposin' iffin ye change th'colour o' th'pitbull's lipstick...

  7. Anonymous3:32 PM

    The one not qualified? It's the one on the far right.

  8. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Um, is this a trick question?
    They both look identically unqualified to me.

  9. Anonymous9:36 PM

    No doubt 2012 is her goal, but wait until the tell all books come out and reveal info about in-fighting in the McCain-Palin campaign. And I understand that some Alaskans are considering a recall petition. What I see for her future is a gig at Fox. After all, Nieman Marcus shopping sprees don't pay for themselves.

  10. And I've said it before but I keep thinking, Crystal Cathedral type lecture circuit. That is not in conflict with the FOX job, btw.

  11. Paula Prentiss was much better essaying the role back in the seventies.

    "Would you like some tea? ...Some tea? Some tea? Some tea? Some tea?"

  12. 'That is not in conflict with the FOX job, btw.'

    Same demographic - The common clay of the new West.


  13. I was at some blog today, sorry to say I forget which, and a commenter envisioned this scenario:

    Palin loses and goes back to being Governor of Alaska. Somehow, Stevens throws a Hail Mary and gets in. The Senate votes him back out.

    Then the Governor of Alaska, as is her Constitutional Duty, appoints his replacement until the next scheduled election.

    I can just see the headlines:

    "Defeated Vice Presidential Candidate Appoints Self To Senate."

    What a perfect stepping stone to the Presidency in 2012, eh?


  14. The left! No... Hold on... The picture to the right!...?

    Damn it! I hate multiple choice questions! Give me an essay or give me death!

    O! TPM,
    say it ain't so...

    "Gosh ya betcha, tis true..."

  15. It's amazing what those photographers at those Sears portrait studios can do.


  16. Anonymous1:47 PM

    I predict that she will found some "Christian Women's Leadership School" or the like, something that can have non-profit status while supporting her for-profit activities, starting with her memoirs of this election season. Indeed with the Crystal Cathedral, etc.

    Personally, I hope she runs. I believe that Obama will be a highly competent, technocratic president. Huckabee will run again and, I suspect, drop-kick Palin. Republicans are not kind to losers and reasonably cautious people will be able to point to her as a cause for alienating swing voters, who out-number the theocratic base, most of whom were going to vote Republican anyway even if grudgingly. So let her run; more Republican money poured into oblivion, great.


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