Friday, October 3

My interview with the totally hot adorable and mega cute Joe Biden!

I mean, OMG! I can't believe people think SP won on the adorability thing last night! How could anyone think that the cute one was on the other side of the aisle! Just look at that twinkly eye, that smile, that nose! Adorable comes from Delaware (fer sure!) and here, in this exclusive BG interview, is all the proof my readers need!

Joey is hardly new to the political scene. This dreamboat is more than a middle-aged white guy! He visited Casa BG not too long ago and we had a great time. Far from being a loquacious Senator with nothing but a gift for the blah blah blah, Joey showed himself to be a guy from Scranton who took his love for fashion and politics and put them together! The big news is, after the election he secretly hopes to have a clothing line coming out as well as an album and even gave a super cool shoutout about why the DNC platform is unique (it has something to do with the middle class and stuff so check it out!) Here’s what he had to say!


BG: So basically we’ll start with, how did you and Obama get together?

Biden: Well, my initial idea was that we would start a singing group to show off some of my clothes and then later design our own clothing line because then we could create jobs by starting a clothing manufacturing company. But then Barack said, "No Way!" Let's like, do the politics first and we can have fireworks and stuff at Mile High Stadium and that might be way easier and I said okay.

BG: So you and Barack are best friends, even though he changed your idea?

Biden: Totally! Sitting day after day in the Senate I was kinda bummed but later I met someone who knew Barack and they introduced us and we became friends.

BG: How was it auditioning for the VP spot? How did you find out about it?

Biden: Actually one of the Senate guys I worked with told me about the Constitutional provision for a "Vice President" and told me to audition so I was like, ‘Okay!’ so I went out there with some other guys and I met all of the Obama team. There was originally five or six of us, I can’t remember. But then we cut down to two. But nevermind, I'm not supposed to talk about her.

BG: So what came first: did he pick you for VP or did you give up on the clothing line idea?

Biden: We met in a TV studio, and we all had to give a speech in front of each other and then we had to watch the video and say what we thought of the other person's clothes and makeup and stuff. It was hard! But afterward Barack and I went out to dinner, a nice place but not TOO nice, we could have fun, too! And we, no joke, clicked together right off the bat. There was no trying to force ourselves to like each other. BFF isn't enough!

BG: Who came up with the whole "kitchen table" thing?

Biden: Well I had written a song with the same name, before we decided against the band/fashion idea. It was gonna be our first single and then after we were like, ‘Huh, ‘kitchen table’ that’s kind of a cool name.’ And we had to go through the whole process of what names were taken because we had to take a name that not only nobody in the McCain campaign had taken but really, nobody in the whole GOP had taken. So we added the "sitting around the" part and we were good!

BG: Usually politicians don't start a clothing line. This is a very unique thing that you guys are releasing yourselves as a presidental ticket and then maybe after you're elected, you'll release the clothing line and produce an album. How’s that working out so far?

Biden: It’s good because you don’t hear it that often. Fashion and a hit single is a hard place to get in to for a guy my age, but hey, I'm younger than McCain by a couple like, decades, so there's that. But like I was saying, the music, which is my number one creative thing, doesn’t just happen right off the bat. It’s hard, you know? and I’m like, ‘wow! Politics and issues and stuff to work with and we’re set!’ And even though we're not "about" fashion and music right now, we have our own styles and we get to wear them and they’re cute!

Next week: Zbignev and BG go shopping in LA!!!


  1. Anonymous1:57 PM

    So cool, BG, but were you like AT hte kitchen table for the interview? 'Cause ya know he doesn't look all that hot from like photos and like such as. He's got like heavy eyelids or too much sparkly there.

    But I am ready for next week! You are the bomb! taking that old curmudge Brzez out shopping! So are you like wired for older guys and such? That's so not ordinary.

  2. OMG Michael, I was actually sitting at my dining room table when I came across an interview in and it so wasn't plagiarism because I changed it to Biden, okay?

    And (rolls eyes so much you can hear it) I am SO over the much older guy thing like, forever!!!

  3. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Your over the older guy thing!!!!

    Boy will my wife be happy to read that.


  4. Why don't more people understand Biden's cute appeal? He should wink more, directly to camera.

  5. ZOMG Kitson's is having a sale


  6. Watch out, K-Lo! Your burning hot luv for Bush, no, Romney, no, Palin ain't got nuthin' on BG and the Dashing Dem from Delaware!

  7. You are so totally on the verge of something so kewl, C-Span meets Runway meets Idol. I think it's called, "So You Think You Can VP."

  8. that's o.k. bg, i'll take him! ; )

  9. I enjoyed reading the interview. Biden is a likeable guy. I had no idea he and Obama were launching a fashion line.

    Props to you. Very interesting interview. By the way, I can relate to your name. I am a Red Girl living in a Blue County. I enjoy reading all sides to the debate. Glad I found your site.


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