Saturday, October 18

Saturday Song

Click with caution, ma hunnies. Alison Crowe in this lil' numbah will make the paint peel off yer drywall.


  1. Thanks for the tune. Her voice reminds me a little of Corin Tucker.

    -Doug in Oakland

  2. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Daddy-O says she's more a descendant of Janis Joplin don'tcha suppose?

  3. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Very nice!!!

    Is it just me, or is that piano slightly out of tune?

  4. BlueGal!!! So sorry to read downstream about your ankle!!! That purely sucks! I know this because I've done it with both... at different times with the surgery/metal screws and such. BLECH.... Soooo sorry this has happened to you. I haven't been around much online 'cause.... well, I been busy being the target of a workplace bully/mobbing and it ain't much fun. Now, I have a tentative leave from the crazy. I hope to make it permanent. I hope.

    That is a hot shit video right there! Take care of your ankle deareee. Healing energy coming your way :-)

  5. Alison Crowe is too tuff! Thanks Blue Gal!

    BTW, Colin Powell did the right thing.

  6. Dammit, I just painted!

    Girl's got some soul.

  7. Maybe my spouse can play it in the bathroom that is taking forEVAH to prep for painting.

  8. Anonymous1:44 PM

    A bit late, but I just found your site. Amazing singer! I have found a new artist and I thank you!! I will noe procees to buy everything she has ever recorded. Love the name of her label:
    Rubenesque Records =)

  9. I am late to this party, but, after a year of touring, the last month or so through snowstorms, I'm now home, warm, and having some fun time online.

    I serve as manager to Allison and enjoy your appreciation - and wording of same!

    Thanks for sharing the music/vid. Best wishes of this New Year!


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