Monday, October 20

Two of these men will NOT be voting for Obama

Shown: Bush 41 with his staff on the White House lawn, circa 1991.

1. With all the old whitey guys saying it was a racial thang, I was waiting all day yesterday for Al Sharpton or somesuch to come out and say Colin Powell isn't black enough to endorse Obama.

2. Brent Scowcroft has been book touring with future Secretary of State (or whatever position he wants) Zbigniew Brzezinski about their co-authored book "Undoing The Total Fuck-up of Bush 43's Foreign Policy for Dummies". Okay it's not called that but it's the same thing. According to Zbig, Snowcroft has not given "any explicit words of support" to McCain. Huffpo adds that Snowcroft "has settled on a policy of 'neutrality' in the presidential contest between Obama and McCain." Yeah.

3. Robert Gates is the current Secretary of Defense, but apparently he was brought in by some Bush 41 cabal folks (replacing Rummy) to temper Junior's ass-holiness. He's been called the only adult in the current cabinet, and it's also reported that he has almost single-handedly put a stop to the "let's invade Iran" talk in the White House. There are even rumors that Obama might keep him on. Keith Olbermann take note: I guess we're not supposed to call him Mister Iran-Contra after that.

4. Does Cheney have the heart (sorry) to vote against his own economic interests? He never has before...

5. Dan Quayle has too much in common with the current Vice Presidential candidate not to support her, plus, she is the only person in the history of the world to make him look competent.

6. James Baker openly agreed with Obama's stand of talking to Iran. I'm amazed at how easy it is to find these guys dissing McCain in a public interview, even if it means I'm heavy on the Arianna links. You're welcome for the traffic, Mrs. H.

7. I would spend an extra week in this cast if I could know how Bush 41 is going to vote this year. But I'll bet you my Techorati rating that the McCain mob videos turned his stomach. Those aren't his kind of people, let alone his kind of Republicans. And lots of his friends at The Club will be voting based on a specific understanding of class on November 4. This time, that means voting for the gentleman, rather than for the bum.


  1. Oh yes yes yes. You have hit all the high - and low points!

    As for 41, don't spend an extra moment in the cast if you can help it. I suspect that deep in his heart there is no way that he can vote for McCain and truly no way he can vote for Palin, despite his own Quayle-ish days.

    Did you see the movie W yet? If you have not, I am recommending it. And if that GWHB has any resemblance to the real one, I say Obama has yet another Republican vote in his pocket.

    That said - I am not cocky. We must stay focused. Voter fraud, other kinds of GOP-fuckery style election stealing and who knows what will abound if Obama does not win by a huge margin.

    Even then.

  2. Three Huffington Agenda links? Well, I can forgive you just about anything, BG - even that degree of unseemly drumbeating.


  3. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Fascinating post, BG!!

  4. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Poppy Bush will vote for whomever will make him more money. If it's McCain, he'll do it without thinking. If it's Obama, he'll do it without thinking. Mmmmm, money.

  5. way off topic but thx bluegal for for the shout out on the hollaback girl of constant sorrow music club over at c&l!


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