Thursday, October 2

The Ick Factor at an All Time High.

I'm sorry I have to even post about this.

Why would anyone want to make a porno movie with a Sarah Palin lookalike, let alone watch one?

Especially one with no anal sex in it? Helloooo?

[And yes, I did post this to ensure I will never be hired by the Obama administration. There, that's done.]

And yeah, I'll get back to you on how this post improves my Google search hit count.


  1. Is there a moose? A caribou? A bear being poked with sticks?

  2. Blue Gal, you have the bestest blog evah!

    -Doug in Oakland

  3. Gees, I dunno; as long as the film was with a 'look-a-like' and not the real Sarah. My standards are low, but not that low! And I might need the job.

  4. ok,larry here's how to make it a hit film: advertise not only for a look-alike, but also a sound-alike, and set the plot up so that she gets the hots for her debate-prep guy, and they commence to fucking in all those many ways, while she goes on and on with her glittery homespun totally ignorant replies to his sound-bit setups.

  5. ...And then a Michelle Bachmann lookalike shows up for a pizza delivery with a gimp suit under her Domino's uniform.


  6. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Wow! I found your blog when researching 50's sanitary pads with belts because I actually need one. Um... I'm a 50's housewife for year. Uh-huh.
    God. It looks even worse in print than when I say it out loud.
    Anyway, thanks for the info. on the pads. Though I still don't know where to buy the effing (I mean swell) things!

  7. A bad taste in politics decreases how attractive I find a woman by 70%. Add 10% for her nasally, loopity-loop-di-loop delivery.

  8. You never can tell with Google. 'Nude Sarah Palin' had em showing up in droves, but 'Naked Joe Biden' was like crickets.

  9. Altho it never would have occurred to me that this would happen, I'm not surprised. What DID surprise and disturb me, tho, was when I read in Crooks & Liars that the McCain campaign has started a website called "Vote for the MILF." Is there nothing too low for Republicans to stoop to? And this from the campaign that's throwing around accusations of sexism. I wonder if the McCain campaign is behind the porn film. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised. Am I the only one saddened and disgusted by the McCain camps website? By comparison, the porn film seems inevitable.

  10. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Only $2000 to $3000 to do a porn film??? Oh wait, no anal required....never mind.

  11. Because somebody had to say it:

    Drill, baby, drill!


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