Sunday, October 26

There's just too many pro-Obama endorsements to read.

What with the New York Frackin' Times and all jumping on the bandwagon. But there's one endorsement article I don't think anyone should miss, especially if you're like me. I did not support Obama in the primaries until he became the defacto nominee, and I still have a sense that Obama will be a conservative Democrat in the White House. That concern has been placated by the total insanity of the McCain campaign, of course.

I highly recommend if you feel the same way, that you read Esquire's endorsement of Obama. You won't learn anything, but you'll read an eloquent confirmation of your opinions.

And then there's this...

I mean, just listen to him. He sounds so stable and boring and shit....I think that's what's going to change America, is when bigots realize eighteen months from now that Obama is just so incomprehensibly Presidential to their numb minds, and the color of his skin doesn't make any difference. In that regard, Obama's "competent conservative" (historical similarities to Jackie Robinson, anyone?) may bring the biggest positive change our country has seen in many decades.

On topic, Frank Rich is absolutely right. The bigots are not nearly as numerous as the media says, they're noisy and the existence of even one is embarrassing, but there are not "enough racists in 2008 to flip this election." And I think the next four years are going to "flip" a lot of racists. I hope so.


  1. I could not agree with you more!

    Our local paper in Albany had a brilliant endorsement.

    And the endorsement of Obama by the Anchorage paper was pretty sweet too.

    Like you, I was not there at the beginning. However, the time is now.

    Boring and centrist 'n shit. Kind of what is really needed in a world gone madder than mad.

  2. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Yup, another classy ad.

    My local GOP-leaning paper (which features O'Reilly and Malkin on the Op-Ed page every week, if that tells you anything) came out for Obama today, which shocked the hecky out of me.

    Now we all need to express a common purpose. My cynical self says that there are many of us white folks who, when that little curtain closes behind us next week, will vote our fears instead of our hopes, and will pull the lever for the white couple.

    The rest of us have to be sure that we don't get too cocky right about now. WE have to cancel out those votes, and we have to spend the next ten days flipping our friends, our co-workers, our neighbors.

    Take nothing for granted. Get out and raise some hell.

  3. Anonymous7:59 PM

    I have been walking the precincts for local Dems. Beside the very lonely divorcee in the flimsy house dress, the highlight of my walking was an retired 85 year old gentleman who was a WWII veteran, who had worked in the defense industry. He had this to say about the election.

    "There is nobody more deserving of the Presidency than John McCain, but having that woman, one heart beat away from from the Presidency is irresponsible. So I voted Democrat for the first time in my life because I love my county"

    It's real folks


  4. Anonymous10:22 PM

    I have never before read anything from Esquire (at least in part, because I am a woman). This, I think, is an excellent article. It is stirring, informational beyond expectations, and a call to arms, surely something that is needed now. As a Canadian, I say to my American neighbours, get out there, do what you can. The time for change is now.

  5. ha ha I'm a woman and I subscribe to Esquire.

    I've been told that magazine has spreads of teh hawt guys in expensive suits.

    But I subscribe for the articles. :)

  6. obama is in pgh today. i wish i could go!

  7. The racists and the bigots will become fewer in number just naturally, but here's hoping Obama changes some minds for the ones still around.

    Old habits die hard and I wish I was as optimistic as you were regarding the matter.

  8. It creeped me out that McCain was out "guaranteeing he'd win by a narrow margin.

    If Obama doesn't win, I'm throwing a serious fit, and I don't anticipate I'd be alone.


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