Friday, October 24

Reminder, Nablopomo is next month.

For those of you not writing a 50,000 word novel next month (don't get me started), you have an opportunity to commit to posting every day for 30 days in November.

I'll be doing that but that doesn't count because (unless I'm at the hospital with a broken ankle***) I post every day anyway. And write open threads and post music clubs at another little blog. And am a single mom of three kids. And manage to knit a sweater or so a year.

Not to make you feel guilty or anything, Fafblog. Yeah, you.

I also made the NaBloPoMo logo above...feel free to steal it.

***If I coulda trusted the EMT's to pack up my laptop for the hospital I woulda posted that day too.


  1. I here you about being busy but still posting something every day. I decided more than a year ago that I would put SOMETHING up every day. Sometimes it's a video I like, sometimes it's a short novel, but it's there.

    I've only missed one day in more than a year, and that was when Braco died. I just couldn't get it together that day.


  2. After the Three Day Novel Contest in September, I'm pretty sure the Significant Other would put my hand in a vice if I tried this one...

  3. When I was in the hospital I had one hour of internet in over two months. During those two half-hour sessions on a speech therapist's computer I was posting just as fast as I could type.

    -Doug in Oakland

  4. Hehe... I might dial back, actually, after finally finishing an Armistice Day series and guesting for someone and another RWCW... The scripts, they call... but I can promise to write in some fashion...

    Like the man sang, whatever gets you through the night. Or the day...


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