Saturday, January 7

And on the same note...

Thank you Tom Tomorrow.


Order the gear here.


  1. How true. Nixon may have been a crook, but he was a smart one.

  2. How true. Nixon may have been a crook, but he was a smart one.

    And in the end, a damn sight less dangerous than Bush. Nixon went after his enemies. Bush goes after his enemies, the American people, and the Constitution.

  3. You know, I wanna like this. It's a good one for sure. But lets face it, Nixon got himself impeached. Something Bush shows no signs of doing. So far everything democrats and the media have thrown at Bush has slide right off him. They don't call this the teflon administration for nothing.
    Bush may not be the brain of the bunch but someone in their band of merry men has one. And uses it regularly.

  4. I love that cartoon, Beege - I also love Tom Tomorrow (and 'get your war on', too! He's definitely not the brain of the bunch, Wanda. He's merely the idiot scion of the Bush Crime Family. They dress him up in a costume and let him swagger around. His whole life he's been a front man for people who prefer to work in the dark. He's one of those people who actually brags about his ignorance and indifference to learning and information. How sickening is it to have the fate of our great nation in the hands of a dolt like that?

  5. Hi Fran,

    I might change the equation a little.

    Dick Nixon + Gary Cooper - Brain = Bushie

    We get a cowboy act, better looks but no net higher IQ.



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