Saturday, January 28

What would DEVO do?

Sell their songs to Disney and let pre-teens record them. Gerry Casale directing.

The end of civilization as we know it. (Hat Tip, BadTux.)


  1. Gerald Casale spells his nickname as "Gerry", not "Jerry", even though it's pronounced "Jerry", much in the same way that "Boojie" in "Boojie Boy" is pronounced as "Boogie". And furthermore, Mark Mothersbaugh had as much to do with the project as Gerry, remember, he's been scoring cartoons on the Disney Channel for quite some time.

    Hey, it's Devo. Total nerdiness. What do ya expect?

    I must admit that the juxtaposition of this post with the graphic on your previous post is, uhm, suitably ironic. Probably Mark and Gerry are laughing big-time over the gag they're pulling on Disney -- they certainly didn't do it for the money, since they're both rolling in the dough from their scoring work.

    - Badtux the Amused Penguin

  2. I guess you're right about the spelling, Badtux. Gerry Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh were students of my dad in the Art Department at Kent State. Gerry wore an all white suit ten years before John Travolta, showing all those psychadelic hippies just how far ahead of his time he was. My mother says (don't believe her) that he has illegitimate children all over Kent, Ohio. I don't believe it, but there's more plausability there than at most of what comes out of Scotty McClellan's mouth, anyhow.

  3. That's completely wrong, isn't it?

    Isn't it?

    (Makes note to ring Disney later and offer half-assed pitch for own music)

  4. Trust me, the Spud Boys are, I'm sure, giggling with glee as they pull the wool over Disney's eyes. Devo's lyrics are very subversive. Just check out the lyrics to "That's Good," the song they picked for that page. Hell, just look at one of the first things in the video: Mark sings "There's some things that you can do without, and that's good!" as he throws away a credit card. :)

    Then... er... a french fry goes inside a donut while a woman squirms with pleasure.

    Disney has no idea.

  5. It's never straight up and down!

  6. Devo was right. As a parent I was very glad that my kids fully picked up on the dvolutionary message, especially with the well crafted biography on the DVD.


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