Friday, January 6



Well, leave it to a buncha commies like the ACLU to have the cajones to compare Bush to Nixon in public. Can't wait to see what B.O.R.E.illy has to say about their lovely ad campaign. (a hat tip to the beautiful and talented Libby.)

Update: Just found out there's this group out there calling themselves "The Democratic Party" who also have a video on the same topic posted here.

But ya know, I was thinking that Worst. President. Ever. really is a distinction. If long-term coverage on The History Channel is what you're after, a miserable failure is far better than a mediocre success. Look at Hitler. (Did Blue Gal just compare Bush to Hitler? I don't think so. She wouldn't be that subtle about it, now, would she?)

Speaking of which, Steve Martin on Huffington Post (and who's their agent?) is quoteworthy:

I remember liberals at a party saying, 'let's add a second to the year' and I was the only one who spoke up against it. Why would they want to add a second to the year? Because it gives them a second longer to hate Bush. [I think I found out about this from Rooks Rant but Kos had it, too.]

Have a nice weekend. We'll try to do an art and chaos day next week. Send me stuff.


  1. Hitler? I was thinking Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, aka, Joe Stalin.

  2. It's getting to be a more and more apt comparison, considering that the tradition is being carried on by essentially the same cast of characters - Cheney, Rummy, BushCo...the long-lost dream of an Imperial Presidency is finally coming to fruition!

  3. Yoga, Bush hasn't killed enough of his own people yet to warrant the Stalin comparison. Give him time.

    I like the video, Blue Gal, but the print ad you've shown is far better. We need to keep the message simple so Joe American gets it: Bush is a lawbreaker, a criminal. Period.

  4. Yoga was right- the "great leaders" all started somewhere...and Douglas, you are right too, but Katrina was a damn good indicator of how much this regime wants to take care of ALL the people......the regime leftovers of the Past are now back to reap the same fruit...

    and Steve M..whelp, I love him, but on this won he's worng, it's not about hate, it is about ALOT of things: disgust, anger,shame, and of course loathing...( and I guess some fear What assanine thing they will do next)

    Thought for the Day: If Dukey had to wear a wire- there was some BIG Fish in that frying pan, and makes one wonder about some of the trips that Bush and Cheney made out to old California this year and Which deals were being worked, I mean whored on...

    keep bloggin'it....I love your blog...

  5. Hey, Blue Gal!

    In a Troy McLure voice . .

    You may remember me (as Neilthemonster) from such posts as 'Impeach the Bastard' and others referring to the 'Leader of the Free World as a moron'.

    Well, after some interesting personal times (don't ask) - I'm BACK, and I thought you might be interested in the link below...

    One of our most senior soldiers calling for the impeachment of Tony Blair.

    My old Blog (which you used to link to) is now gone, sadly, but my take on this article is on my new site at

    It's good to be back, hopefully speak to you soon. Keep up the good work.

    Neil xx

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  7. Awww, come on now, Blue Gal.

    Facists are the basis for such fascinating documentaries.

    All Bush needs to do now is start killing a minority ethnic group and it will be fodder for feature length films, books, and citations in moral relativist philosophy books for the next fifty to one-hundred years.

  8. fascists, rather. I cannot speel today.


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