Wednesday, January 18

How many Ms. Magazine subscribers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?


Answer: That's not funny!!!

[Thanks to AL for pointing out that lovely Ms. cover of Jane Fonda, and to Gawker for comparing it to Good Housekeeping's regular first lady feature.] Jane, honey, love the facelift, love the pink lace, love the pooch. And how clever to pimp for husband number 4 on the cover of Ms. Magazine! No one will ever suspect. As I said over at Threading Water:

I used to think Ted Turner
Was a real lucky fella,
But after seeing you on Ms.
You should have stuck with Barbarella.


I mean, did anyone think Jane was a feminist after this came out?


Don't want you to think I've lost the ability to laugh, though. Wonkette's NYT review[login required] of O'Bierne's book, "Women Who Make the World Worse: And How Their Radical Feminist Assault Is Ruining Our Families, Military, Schools, and Sports" made me laugh out loud. The title of the book made me laugh out loud too, but still:

[O'Beirne's] salvos against such dusty icons as Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda and Catharine MacKinnon do all these women the enormous favor of making them relevant again. And, surely, anytime anyone recalls the deeds of Bella Abzug, an angel gets its wings.

Oh, sure, Blue Gal coulda put a picture of Bella Abzug right here, but wouldn't you rather look at the deeply iconic image of Madonna holding a very large fish? Sure you would.


  1. I can see that I have competition in the "poet" category. But, can you spend an entire evening speaking in iambic pentameter whilst consuming alcohol?
    Seriously, whatever one thinks of JF - she's lived her life openly and, even at the age of 67, is still publicly evaluating what she has done wrong and right. She admits to being a work in progress and doesn't shy away from opening herself to criticism and derision.
    I'd rather listen to her intelligent, anguished, self-affirming, self-questioning comments any day compared with what I currently hear from so-called feminists of the younger generation who appear to lack basic critical thinking skills altogether.

  2. Amen! I think Jane Fonda has shown all of us what that all too elusive smart plus sexy category can look like. I wish she'd get old a little more gracefully like, for instance, Jessica Lange and Sissy Spacek have done, but hey, I'm not in the public eye so I can't judge too much.

    Fie evil twin! Is the Bottle thy lord?
    That we should drink 'til all Tacoma's wells run low?
    Nay! Cast on, cast on, lest all our stitches drop.
    Unless Clapotis demands that it be so.

  3. Would it make me sound shallow if I said:
    I just want to own Madonna's ARMS for about five minutes!?!

    'Nuf said.

  4. Never mind Jane Fonda...she's still cool with me. But what about the First (ahem!!) Lady? Laura Bush is one of the most frightening-looking people on the planet...she is a fine match for her equally disturbed and disturbing partner. She combines vacuousness with smug self-absorption to create the perfect image of the New Christian Primitive Woman--one who is deferent to a mass murderering husband, yet also quick enough to bake a casserole when the shit hits the fan.

    Perhaps she should ditch her personal relationship with Jesus and begin a personal relationship with a sophisticated stylist? You know, someone who DIDN'T grow up in Texas?

  5. Lying Feminists and the Lying Feminists Who Tell Them

    Regaring Mrs. George the Second, I find it amusing that the family thought it prudent to marry him off to someone much like Barb.

  6. Man, that Madonna pic is just begging for an obvious sexist joke.

  7. I remember when Karen and I saw Barbarella together at the UC Theater in Berkeley. A thirty-ish woman near us leaned over and said, "You know, I love this movie. I've never been able to accept Jane in any other role. She was too perfect for this one."

    Remember the Orgasmotron? (Or is that what they called it in Sleeper?)

  8. Yeah Jurassic, that fish needs a bicycle real bad.

    Barbarella: Excessive Machine
    Sleeper: Orgasmatron


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